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    Thought it might be an idea to start this off, if members of Wire are agreeable, they could 'check in' once a week or once a month and answer questions, or just select a couple that they think are more interesting or perhaps comment on their individual work/s, or take it in turns to answer questions, or not answer at all. or...........
    It's a good idea Ari, but members will have to remember that Wire are not on the board all the time and are currently (as I'm sure everyone is aware) on the road and may not always have easy access to the internet. An Ask Wire thread was discussed before, but I think it was decided to leave it until we knew whether or not Graham and Robert would be joining Colin as posting members of the board.
    Graham's posted here already, and we are planning on some kind of Wire FAQ. Therefore, I'm happy with people posting in this thread, but only if there's no expectation about every question being answered. Also, if someone does want to post a question in this thread, do a search (on this site and the internet in general) to ensure your question hasn't already been answered a billion times.
    Thanks Craig - that being the case, I'll kick off with the first question -

    Do Wire actively try to get themselves on the TV in the UK - for more publicity? If yes, what shows are you interested in appearing on - and, have you ever had responses to your requests? Would you consider doing a South Bank Show special for instance?

    Colin has said, quite loudly, that he is not a fan of Jools Holland, but would 'Later' be totally out of the question if you were invited to appear?

    I really believe we NEED to see Wire on the TV in the UK in the very near future. The band is one of THE most influential to have ever come out of this country (probably the world) - I'm sure that whatever programme you appeared on would get the audience you deserve.

    So, what are your thoughts Wire?
    Band members are not necessarily the source of all wisdom but I'll attempt to answer what I can.

    As far as the UK is concerned we do have someone who works pinkflag releases for UK media. This, by the nature of the usual interest in Wire, will be mainly press with a little bit of radio. We've tried on many occasions to work a particular track for UK radio but have just never really succeeded much beyond the level that would arrive anyhow from the specialist shows that would normally support Wire. For a band like Wire TV should flow from a general media interest in the band so logically if there is a lot of attention from press on the new album and live shows then a TV spot might come through. However so much of this is down to individual producers and Wire lacks a lot of the kind of "sexiness" that music TV producers would want to feature. Wire's schtick of being an older band who are somehow also contemporary doesn't fit too well with the mindset of what I see on TV. Which is unfortunately rarely about what's actually any good.... However I'm always hopeful that sheer pressure of the strength of the body of work combined with a strong contemporary presence will conspire to make Wire no longer the elephant in the room... We shall see...

    As for shows. I personally think Wire is much more culture show / front row than Joolsy....
    Colin's much-hated 'Later..with Joolsy' featured a barely alive Only Ones the other week. If THEY can still get on telly, then there's hope for Wire (still in a physically robust state as far as I can see) yet. What about a session on Marc Riley's 6Music show, Colin. He declared One Of Us as 'a bit of class' after playing it the other week. That's the ideal exposure for Wire... especially if Melvyn Bragg can't be arsed chapping your door for a South Bank Show special...
    Hi Colin,

    Are there any more details about Object 47 that you could share with us at this time? Perhaps some description of songs (besides the one graciously provided to us) that you feel are particularly strong? The R&B/Send songs had a very strong sense of aesthetic continuity about them- is "One of Us" a pretty good indicator of the feel of the album, or will it be more varied in style? Naturally, if this is stuff you shouldn't (or would prefer not to) discuss at the moment, feel free to disregard.
    Are they selling any items at these shows? (EP' set..T-shirts..etc)
    Ok. What makes a member want to be a member of Wire in 2008?
    in the event that some Wire read this thread, I would like to say
    to them for having been the main soundtrack of my last twenty five years.
    My son (11 months old) cannot speak yet but every time he hears 'Ahead' or 'Eardrum buzz buzz' he feels really excited.
    So my question is: are the Wire genetically transmissible?
    I DO hope so!
    did wire ever make any promo videos for the early harvest singles ?
    i've had a look on youtube but can only find fans own videos.
    i remember around 1978 some of the more "visual" from the time groups really embraced video- Devo, blondie- but i'd like to know if wire made any promos.
    the feeling i have is that harvest would've been very reluctant to splash out.
    does anyone know the best place to find Wire guitar tabs/chords? i've found a few online but not that many. i am specifically looking for chords for "Mannequin" but would love to have them all if someone knows of a source. thanks!
    There's tab on Wireviews, although I've no idea how accurate it is. Mostly, it was put together by me and the chap who ran The Wire Page during the 1990s.
    thanks craig i really appreciate it!
    Can anyone in the Wire camp confirm whether they're playing Friday (27 June) at Sled Island? They aren't on the site's schedule for Friday, just Saturday on the main stage. I'm trying to firm up my travel plans and if I can avoid an extra day in Calgary, it's better for my wallet.
    Hi There,

    Sorry for not replying sooner. Been a bit busy!

    To Dr. Medulla

    Well what I know is that we play on the 27th & 28th and that as far as we know the information on the front of this site is accurate. One show is small and one is big. It's possible they are being cagey about the small show because of the capacity of the smaller venue. It's a pretty big festival from what I understand and I guess a lot of people will be in town looking for action!

    To sandblast

    Not really, the only 70's music + visuals is "On The Box" - EMI rather famously told us in 1979 that you can't sell music on TV!

    To TheXOR

    Yes but only if you wear wellington boots :)

    To Slim

    Sheer dogged determination:) Having a sense of humour helps!
    Thanks for the reply, Colin. I'll see if I can get a straight answer from one of the organizers.
    Yeah, me too...thanks for the reply.
    The non-existence of any promo material from those days implies this possible alternative past scenario...
    Had Outdoor Miner sold a few more copies than it did & say it did make a possible dent into the BMRB Top 30 & Wire were invited to appear on the BBC flagship pop programme Top of the Pops. Wire would probably have refused.
    Imagine then Pans People doing Outdoor Miner. For anyone that cares to remember they were a 5 girl dance troupe that used to dance to the record of any group that couldn't make it into the studio that week & they used to listen to the lyrics- sometimes they used to use the lyrics all too literally- & from that work out possible dance "routines."
    Can you imagine some kind of routine or set of props for the lyrics An Outdoor Life for a Silverfish/Eternal Dust Less Ticklish/ Clean Room a Houseguests Wish/ Face Worker a Serpentine Miner, & so on..?
    I'd love a video of that, looped, fed into a vintage 70's style tv, place all that then into the corner of a huge white room, & then enter it into competition for the next Turner prize.
    "Had Outdoor Miner sold a few more copies than it did & say it did make a possible dent into the BMRB Top 30...

    More accurately, had EMI not been caught hyping, therefore leading to all its releases being canned from the next week's charts (including Outdoor Miner, which would have been somewhere in the top 40)...

    But yes: Pan's People doing Wire would have possibly been the best moment on TotP. Ever.
    Would Wire have done TOTP..?