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    I read that Colin presented My Bloody Valentine with their Mojo award recently, which seems fair enough since pretty much all MBV have done in 16 years is a Wire cover on the Whore compilation.

    Be interested to know if Colin or any of Wire attended the MBV "comeback" gigs and if so what they thought?
    Yes, I was was at The roundhouse and Malka was also at the ICA. I really love this band but they are too f**king loud live. Especially the "full on" version of "You Made Me Realise" with which they finish. Even with ear plugs it took my ears 2-3 days to recover and I was seriously worried about permanent damage. All that aside they are really lovely people.
    Saw both Manchester gigs and fortunately managed to avoid the Eardrum Buzz by investing in a pair of ER-20 earplugs which I can heartily recommend if anyone is catching any of the upcoming MBV dates. Enjoyed it a lot although the 30 miniute 'chord of death' does seem oddly pointless since they were doing that in '92...its sort of the equivalent of when Iron Maiden get 'Eddie' to come out at the end of their gigs..its a daft gimmick and everyone knows its coming. Also, someone pointed out to me that during the closing onslaught of noise the sound engineer was using a pink-noise generator to beef up the already absurd level of volume coming from the band which is kind of cheating!
    Seeing as Wire own the songs, would the group ever consider turning the Whore idea into a section of their website, wherein their admirers could interpret/reinterpret songs for all to hear in one centralized location.

    Also, whatever happened to the Manscape remix/reissue concept?
    i posted this in a different thread. Craig answered, but was unsure of the answer. if Colin sees this, could he give a more definite answer?

    With regard to the pix in the website gallery, are any of them (going to become) available to purchase as good quality prints? if reasonably priced i, & i'm sure others, would be interested.
    I was at the first Manchester show of MBV and I have to say it wasn't that loud... I didn't wear the earplugs.

    Oh and and Colin, what do you think of the really cheesy Jesus and Mary Chain esq. stuff they did in the mid 80s?
    and Colin, do you like The Jesus & Mary Chain? and have you been to there comeback shows?
    I'm a plumber from Fleckney in Leicestershire. As Robert originated from Marefield, which is not that far up the road from me, I've always hoped that one day, I'll answer the phone and end up fitting him a new shower or something.

    That would be the highlight of my career I reckon. But knowing my luck, he probably does his own plumbing.
    A boring "fan" question, but I'm curious!

    Were any of the following songs ever played live?

    Used To
    I should have known better
    Too late
    The offer
    I'm 90% certain I have Used To, I Should Have Known Better and Too Late on live bootlegs somewhere. No idea about The Offer.
    ISHKB was played in 1978 - typicallly it was long gone from the set by the time it was released. It was very different live - a much more spiky affair with stops & starts, and the lyrics were different. It wasn't called ISHKB either - it's down as 'Ignorance no Plea' on the only bootleg recording I've got of it (which is incomplete - the start is lost due to a C90 tape flip!). The ISHKB line never appears - at the end Graham is singing what sounds like "You know the upsetters". Whether this is a reference to Lee Perry's associates is not known ;-)

    Too Late was often a set closer, extended to a noisy end. It's the encore on a bootleg from Plymouth Metro, recorded about a week after the Rockpalast show, and with an almost identical set.

    The Offer was definitely played at the London Astoria gig in 1988 as a new song (as were In Vivo, Eardrum Buzz and German Shepherds).

    The oddball is Used To - not sure I've ever heard a live version of this.... which doesn't mean it wasn't played a few times, then discarded to make way for new stuff...

    I've posted this question in Live Wire also, but what would it take for Wire to play a gig in Detroit?
    The Offer was played at some US shows in 1988. Wire often played 50% material that hadn't been recorded yet, so we didn't know what the songs were called. Newman and Lewis would yell out phony titles as well.
    Will Read & Burn 02 be reissued? Seems a hard to come by commodity - $30US used online.
    Do Wire have plans to tour next year yet, no way I could get to any of the gigs this time 'round (work) but next year I'll be in Europe and..................

    Could you confirm your concert at the Rockstore, Montpellier on November 25th?

    And... outstanding collaboration with Bashung on novice. This one is still my favourite.
    definitely not! Never heard of Rock store in Montpelier!!
    Yeah, that MBV concert was loud. I could only listen to four songs with earplugs, which I never wear. I got nausea from the visual and aural swirls. It was like one of those carnivals rides that spins too much. I had to listen to the rest from the lobby. It got louder and louder steadily, and ended with 15 minutes of noise.
    Thank you for the answer monsieur Newman.

    You must have been as astonished than me when I read that you were scheduled there. I still have the paper if you want me to scan you the thing as an evidence...!
    It seemed too good to be true, to be honest.
    So, nothing to fear, I will make an inquiry by the Rockstore. Why did they announce you when you have never heard of them?
    In the noise I am free
    Eye of the Hurricane
    They made me real Eyes
    Am I the only person who was rather non-plussed by the level of volume at My Bloody Valentine's gigs? Hell, I enjoyed it massively and the fact that it repelled some folk meant I could move right into the maelstrom. But I was left wondering if they might have been a bit louder during the 'Loveless' days when I didn't catch them live. I saw them a few times around the Realise/Isn't Anything releases but that was before the extended breakdown that upsets the lightweights. Still, I didn't see anyone collapse due to balance organ overloud, walk into a wall or puke, as was reputed to have happened in a REAL EXTREME VOLUME situation, SWANS 'Children of God' tour...

    If, as Tim wrote above, My Bloody Valentine were cheating by unleashing extra awesome noise from the mixer to bolster their guitar onslaught, I wonder if he can answer these questions:

    1. Are Mission of Burma cheating if Martin Swope or Bob Weston record the on-stage trio from the desk while they play and launch loops into the mix with the bass, guitar, drums and vocals?

    2. Were WIRE cheating at the Barbican when they used a pre-recorded element in the brilliant SEND installation designed by Es Devlin?

    3. Did WIR cheat by using programmed drum patterns?

    4. Is Jim O'Rourke cheating if he performs with just a laptop as opposed to a guitar or hurdy-gurdy?

    5. Was the late Joe Strummer right when he sang, "You've got to cheat, cheat, no reason to play fair, cheat,cheat, or you won't get anywhere?"

    6. Did Captain Beefheart cheat when he discovered Electricity?

    7. What is your favourite colour? Maybe you could ask Colin!