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    OK I concede sound engineer intervention <> cheating. (Speaking as someone who DJs with a Laptop and Ableton Live much to the chargrin of those who expect to see rotating plastic discs)

    But it was a bit naff in a sort of Wizard of Oz behind the screen way.
    We were near the desk and It was quite funny to watch him don the industrial ear defenders, quite theatrical. And then he forgot to switch the noise generator off for when the last verse crashed back in.

    The noise just wasn't very interesting really. Almost Prog Rock. Rick Wakeman famously ate a curry during one of Yes's solos. He could have gone to Rusholme and back and had a starter, main & dessert during this.

    I think people left out of boredom bdum bdum.

    I would have preferred a 30 minute version of their cover of Map Ref!
    I'd be curious to hear some thoughts on this version of Fragile (especially from Wire members, but also from anyone else here):

    Fragile - SATB Choir

    I created this arrangement when I was a composition / engineering student at the University of Wisconsin. It's quite different from the Wire version in that it's slower, there are no instruments, and the tune is changed. Other than that it's basically exactly the same.

    Huge fan by the way - glad Wire is still instantiating objects in 2008.
    Very nice piece.
    Re: fragile
    anyone for church on sunday?........ (bet Fergus will like this)
    MBV cover of Map Ref is so much worse than the original!

    Covering WIRE is a bad proposition. I reckon only two bands have done it and equalled the originals
    Big Black - Heartbeat (a very different take)
    Yo La Tengo - Too Late

    Best Whore by far was Laika doing German Shepherds...
    but if Margaret feels too old and wants to retire Wire could always hire Bilinda Jayne and Kevin Shields to interrupt Tim's train of thought.

    Anyone feel like doing a beat combo pub rock knees up version of 23 Years Too Late?
    Russian Kitchens full of cockels and mussels