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    Nice to see Colin and Graham saying a few words about Post Punk in the final part of BBC 4's 3 part series.
    It was indeed. I was expecting Wire to get overlooked as they so often do in these punk documentaries, so was quite surprised when those two popped up on screen.

    It's been a really good series, and some more imaginative choices of talking heads including Mark Stewart, GO4, Penny Rimbaud, The Slits, Raincoats alongside the usual suspects.

    All three parts of the series are well worth catching and will still be up for viewing on iPlayer til 22 June.
    Agreed. And the difference of opinion re 'grumpy grandads' seemed very Wire, too! ; )

    The Duran Duran thing went over my head though!!
    thought Graham was gonna hit Colin when he said that! This was by far the most interesting of the 3 and it reminds everyone how diverse the label 'post-punk' was!

    This, together with the recent BBC "1970's" series brings home how depressing the era was. I was a kid & I vaguely remember the mid-70's but it seems like it was hell!
    78 - 81 section definitely the best part of a fairly strong series. I loved Wobble's remark about dying to get to make up on Top Of The Pops so he could get his teeth blacked out... (cut to: spiv grin to camera - brilliant).

    Great to see some contemporary footage of The Pop Group too, brief and all as it was.

    It's getting increasingly difficult to decipher Mark E...

    I never really kept up with Dr. Feelgood at the time for some reason, but Andy Gill's guitar style sure owes a lot to Wilco Johnson.

    Great also to see the documentary on John Cooper Clarke, which was pretty good, but could've done with less talking heads, and a bit more on JCC's influences, right across the spectrum of film, TV, music & books. His between song patter on 6Music recently certainly tapped into fascinating anecdotes and insights. Pretty much all we got on the documentary was something a teacher said to him about copying someone's style, but writing about what you know.

    When was the last time members of Wire were interviewed on mainstream UK TV ?
    If I remember correctly it was on Snub TV, shown on BBC 2 in 1989.
    Subtitles definitely needed at times for the increasingly Shane MacGowan-esque M.E.S.

    If anything my only criticism of the 3rd one tried to cover too much ground (New Wave, 'Oi', Synth-pop, Crass etc) and you could have done 3 full episodes just on the post-punk subject (and indeed would have preferred that to dissecting the Bill Grundy interview/Malcom's boat trip *again*). Lydon is an old hand at TV these days (all those years in Panto have paid off) and he knows how to 'give good soundbite' but it would have been nice to hear more from the lesser heard voices.

    Would be great if they could put these docs on DVD with a 'directors cut' with longer interviews and more footage as they must have whittled down loads to get to that 1hr length. Of course that won't happen as they'd not be able to licence the music. It will have cost a small fortune just to get the rights to the songs and clips for the broadcast and a repeat.
    I thought the 3rd was the best of the lot, although the Liverpool scene (Erics, Zoo, etc) was a terrible omission.

    My other complaint was the narrators voice. It was one of those one's that sent me into la-la land and I had to rewind a number of times to take in what he was saying, even though it was a subject I'm massively interested in. He should take up hypnotism.
    Starnge criticism Keith - Capaldi may have a strong-ish accent, but his diction/pronounciation was very Queen's English, though i thought he did put emphasis on some odd syllables at times.
    It wasn't his diction. It was his sleep-inducing tone.
    I thought he struck the right tone. Maybe, Keith, if he did it in character, as Malcolm Tucker, with vigorous emphasis and muscular, full spectrum earthly language... that would've got your attention ;-)
    I don't watch it, Fergus. I had to look it up to find out who Malcolm Tucker was!

    I think they should have gone the whole hog and got Derren Brown to narrate it, then at the end - when he got me in the same state as Capaldi did - Brown could have said, in hushed tones, "viewers, you will go and buy Pink Flag and Entertainment if you don't already own them".

    ; )
    I know they retitled "Metal Box" when it was reissued as a gatefold double vinyl - but I cringed when the narrator proudly introduced "Metal Box" as "Second Edition". Who the bloody hell calls it that?????
    No Scritti Politti, This Heat, or others too many to mention. It could have been 6 hours long and still not definitive.
    Ah, you should watch it Keith, it's great. Amongst Malcolm Tucker's many choice phrases for Rebecca Front's character was "omni-shambles". This could describe Rough Trade's early business model...
    Yeah, dunno why I never watched it tbh as I've always heard good things about it. And Rebecca Front is always worth watching.
    For those who missed it the first time round BBC4 are repeating all three episodes back to back from 9.00pm on Friday 16th August. Narration from the future Doctor remains the same.