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    What's the story behind this? One of the weirdest promotional items I've seen:

    (By the way, I can recommend the seller - Hi Sam if you're on here - bought some nice items from him in the past. If you look at his other items, there's some incredible Wire rarities)
    someone in the US enigma PR team must have been admirably mental. even better is the red plastic cup issued as a promo for (wait for it) a bell is a cup. don't come up on ebay often ;-)
    That is... I want that. I want that now.
    Wow I don't even remember that....
    It pains me that I missed it and it went for $5, only 1 bidder... but here is the red plastic Bell cup mentioned above and in ELAH.

    I think Bruce described it as "superbly tacky"? Just about sums it up!

    But dammit I still want one.
    The creativity never ends.... or is seems it was there long before the egg:

    A promotional copy of A-Z packaged inside an A-Z!!!
    What a great curio (someone got a bit of a bargain there I think) and I wonder which poor sod at Beggars Banquet had to spend a day carving tape shaped holes in A to Z's?
    That is an extremely rare item. If you read ELAH Mick Collins says that copies were dropped off at record shops and a lot were destroyed by bomb squad as a suspected package
    It has 'Dolby' scribbled out - I wouldn't touch it.