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    Just checking - I know Bruce sang lead on "The Other Window" (154 version), "Ticking Mouth" and "Half Eaten" - are there any others I may have missed? Also - is it Bruce that says "Which Way Michael?" on "Pieta" ?
    Sounds like Bruce to me on the "Which way, Michael" line.
    It is Bruce saying Which Way Michael?
    Off the top of my , and as brief vocal cameos appear to be permissable in the thread I think he might deliver a line in Once Is Enough
    there were a few more songs with Bruce singing listed here:
    Hmm... in the previous thread, I forgot to mention "Airmail" from Dome 1, which definitely sounds like Bruce.
    Bruce is also quite prominent on 'Flagwearing' on the He Said "Hail" album.
    'Airmail' has always sounded like Bruce to me, too...but, listening to the piece this afternoon, I find myself less sure. Great track, at any rate.