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    Fantastic news. Based on his Pink Flag book, I feel confident and excited that WN will produce a book worthy of the subject matter.
    yes, indeed. looking forward to it.
    a bit unusual it's "available" for pre-order so much time before publishing date..
    Not really—it just depends on when the publisher shoves the book into Amazon's system. Some do up to a year before a book's due, whereas others do so only a few months in advance. It's not on Amazon UK yet though.
    Yum! 320 pages of reading and burning.
    "First" serious, in-depth appraisal?

    I don't think so. Kevin's book was both serious and in-depth, and remains an invaluable tome.

    Oh, how those publicists love to fudge the details...

    Nevertheless, very much looking forward to this!
    To be fair, I think it's a reasonable description. My understanding of the book, having swapped some brief messages with Wilson, is that his book is rather more of an academic text, critiquing Wire, whereas Kevin's book was in many ways closer to a biography—the band's history in its own words. The benefit of this if it turns out to be the case is that the two volumes will be complementary.
    I echo Craig's words above and hope for the same. I know Wilson's book will be both excellent and a valuable addition.
    Just amused by PR-speak, that's all.

    And yes, while Kevin's book was more of an oral history than critical theory, I still thought I'd pay it some small compliment, for I do actually believe it to be both serious and in-depth.
    Compliments and complimentary. My cup runneth over. Lol
    I like the title..."Read & burn". I hope that it also means it will be up-to-date and not only focussing on 1970s Wire.
    Just put in my order so it'll be a pleasant surprise when it turns up. I've generally given up reading bios of heros but Wire is the eception. If it matches Kevin's book that will be a bonus.