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    One of the pleasures lost to the youth of today was vinyl bootlegs. It was possible to own a limited and very collectible unreleased recording. Wonderful artefacts compared to today's digitised dots and dashes. Er to get to my point, for some reason I have a copy of the topic in my lounge and I picked it up and looked at it again and thought what an odd bootleg.
    For those unfortunate to exist without a copy of this object, it's a 12" LP with a photo on the cover of a middle aged couple in 50's style black and white with the bloke peering into the keyhole of a door. The back cover features a naked female bottom with its owner inserting a large feather between her cheeks.

    The accompanying test reads "Democrazy records 006 Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe Nostalgia Recorded Hull Tiffany's 3/7/79 ......

    It features a cracking collection of decent sounding mono audio of a wire performance including many rare gems from that very fruitful period of high quality material that has never been properly recorded and released. Go Ahead, Ally in Exile, Relationship, Safe, Lorry, I wanted to go etc. Not quite the correct track listing but not bad. There are few live recordings at all that I'm aware of that feature Midnight Bahnhof Cafe and Our Swimmer.

    It is dedicated to Franz Kafka not dedicated to Darby Crash. With a maximum price £4.50 or 18 DM don't pay more.

    Does anyone know the story behind this piece of art with a sense of Germanic? humour?

    Whets the appetite for what's hopefully coming soon.

    "One of the pleasures lost to the youth of today was vinyl bootlegs". Not so. I'm an avid Joy Division fan and new vinyl bootlegs for them are cropping up quite often. Most are rehashes of old bootlegs, some are cash-ins of material that has been previously posted to the net for free - one last year - legendarily - was a live show from back when they were Warsaw.
    Sorry can't help with the origins of your Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe bootleg artwork but can vouch for the quality of the recording as I used to have it on a C90 tape.

    I have a 12" 4 track Peel session bootleg I bought at a Record Fair in Poole in the mid 1980's which contains Culture Vultures (unavailable anywhere else at the time) along with more well known tunes. The cover states it's by 'The Legendary Manchester Wire' and the record label is Piccadilly Records. I would be interested to know if this has some connection to the legendary Manchester independant record shop as I don't think Wire have any members with a Manchester background?

    Here's the discogs entry. It's the first Peel session - now available officially on the Strange Fruit 12" and the CD "The Peel Sessions Album". Why they would prefix the session "The Legendary Manchester....." is beyond me.
    I'm pretty sure its nothing to with Piccadilly Records in Manchester.

    Whoever pressed it up probably thought Wire were a MCR band or maybe thought they were live tracks recorded in MCR.
    Bootleggers don't always get their facts straight!

    Ironically, in the digital age it's the online bootleggers (certainly the ones on dime a dozen at any rate) that are meticulous about detailing the lineage of recordings and ensuring track listings, dates and details are accurate. Far more care taken over these things by people that share them for free rather than those who get some cheap vinyl pressings done to make money.