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    This was on the Bloomsbury DVD (Legal Bootleg thang) - is there any way of printing the lyrics to it - and why did it get overlooked?
    I'd second that: one of my favourite '80s tracks, although not a legit release.
    Does this track exist in any other form aside from that DVD?
    Certainly not officially - dunno about bootlegs. I was listening to it this morning (the DVD has extra soundfiles included for CDs ipods and suchlike) and I thought with development it could well have been a companion single to the likes of "Ahead", "Kidney Bingos", "Eardrum Buzz" etc.
    There's a great version of Harry on the Oxford MOMA bootleg. Ooops! Sorry chaps!!
    At about the 16:12 mark, here:
    This song is fantastic! It would've been right at home on the Snakedrill EP
    1, I didn't know there was the MP3s on the DVD, bonus!

    2, How dumb am I, I knew "Kidnap Yourself" was on there but this track hadn't registered at all. What a berk.

    3, "Harry" doesn't sound like it developed into anything more recognisable. At the time the group had to come up with a set from scratch and there were obviously going to be casualties when they came up with tracks they liked more, this I guess was the fate of this song.
    Yes - the files that you find once you open the DVD on yr computer are of a greater sound quality than the sound of the actual DVD screening itself - and (unlike the DVD) the tracks are individually split.
    Slim - nice to hear someone use the derogatory term 'berk', even if it was aimed at yourself..!
    Apart from Harry's up-tempo, propulsive beat, the lyrics are what makes it for me - or those that I can decipher - which goes back to the first comment on this thread: any chance of seeing them printed? Or shall we keep on guessing?!
    There is an old interview at wherein they asked Colin about Harry Houdini and a few other songs. NYC/Brooklyn is a bit of a mess right now due to Hurricane Sandy so the server seems to be offline, but the citation shows up at Google and you can see a cached version of the page. Not very revealing:


    FW: Could you comment on some more obscure Wire tracks like "Harry Houdini", "Stepping Off Too Quickly", "Oh No Not So (save the bullet)", or "It's The Motive"?

    CN: They are obscure. If they were any good they'd be less so...


    So I suspect the lyrics fell even farther into the black hole than, say, the lyrics for The Offer.

    Anyway, here is the link, if/when Free Williamsburg comes back up (and if the 2002 interview is still available):
    Funnily enough - Houdini died 85 years ago today. There is another - albeit tenuous link between Harry Houdini and UK punk. A woman once claimed that she had an affair with Houdini which resulted in a son. The son was Frank Gilmore, father of Gary.....