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    Chaps & chappesses. I've beenlooking for somat suitable whereby i can play all the music i have on my PC, backed up onto a portable hard disk via my stereo. I don't really wanna set my a 'mini-network' like the itunes player thingy, but to have some kinda interface between my hard disk & my amp with a readout, so i can scroll through my library & then select & play via my stereo.

    anyhow, i've just come across the Brennan JB7 Micro Jukebox. has anybody heard of it or even used it? thoughts?
    This product has been advertised in a lot of the music papers recently for a starting price of £299.
    I am a vinyl freak, so most of my Record collection is on that format. I only have just over 1200 cd,s. So the 2,500 capacity it holds is way above my needs. But if you have a huge amount of Cd,s and have disposable cash, I think this is a good buy.
    Personally, I would spend that money on even more vinyl and more storage units to store them in lol.
    If you buy it, let us know if it lives up to its billing.
    despite my username, i have probably more cd's than lp's, however i do have loadsa music on PC & rather than just playing it on awful sounding PC spkrs or keep updating an ipod, i'd like to chuck it all on a hard drive & take downstairs toplay & listen to in comfort. i'm defo considering it!!!

    whaddya mean you ONLY have 1200 cd's? that's enough innit?