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    Exciting news, eh!
    In case anyone here isn't on the mailing list...

    "We can now reveal part of the reason for the low number of performances in 2012 was to facilitate the recording of the next Wire album, "Change Becomes Us", now being readied for release on March 25, 2013. "Change Becomes Us" began as an exploration of unrecorded material originally written in 1979–80. Some of this material had only ever existed as quickly prepared sketches for one-off performance; however, subjected to the rigour of a Wire working process of both touring and studio, it evolved organically into what we think is a fascinating hybrid. Liberated from its historic roots, it simply took off! "Really fresh!" is the common quote of the few who've heard it!

    The initial recording sessions were held at Rockfield studios, near Monmouth, Wales, during a very damp week in April. Rockfield, famous for being the first residential studio in the UK, has also been the location of the making of many legendary rock albums. Paul Morley recently visited Rockfield for his documentary Radio 4 series on recording studios, "Making Tracks". It was our intention to bring as much of the dynamic energy of the 2011 touring group to the recording and Rockfield is ideally set up to capture both power and nuance in recording. Wire have never recorded quite like this! This album is also the first time where Matthew Simms, previously Wire's touring guitarist, has been an integral part of the Wire recording process. Over the year, the 13 tracks which make up the Welsh Wire recordings have been refined and focussed at swim~ studio to arrive at the finished album: "Change Becomes Us& quot;.

    Here's the tracklisting

    01 Doubles & Trebles

    02 Keep Exhaling

    03 Adore Your Island

    04 Re-invent Your Second Wheel

    05 Stealth Of A Stork

    06 B/W Silence

    07 Time Lock Fog

    08 Magic Bullet

    09 Eels Sang

    10 Love Bends

    11 As We Go

    12 & Much Besides

    13 Attractive Space

    UK Release date is 25th March 2013"
    This looks like the D & E/Turns & Strokes material re-recorded - "Eels Sang" is obviously "Eels Sang Lino" but I wonder if other songs have been retitled - I distinctly remember the setlist at XOYO had "B/W Silence" on it - and the song they were playing was "Lorries".

    I think I'm probably broke now!
    My brain has seized up deciphering the package options. All I know is that a decent-sized charge will be going on my credit card today.

    Gonna be a fantastic 2013.
    • CommentAuthorcw says...
    • (CommentTimeDec 6th 2012)
    And Attractive Space looks like another variant on Underwater Experiences.

    Be nice if one of them turns out to be Ally in Exile
    Over the last year these 79/80 tracks have been played live

    Underwater Experiences (both versions)
    Ally In Exile
    Part Of Our History
    Witness To The Fact

    So I'm presuming they are here somewhere.....
    So excited about this. Old material re-worked into new material is the best of both worlds
    Exciting news! Looking forward to Wire 2013!
    Good to hear that Rockfield got some use. Some of the best VdGG and Peter Hammill (and Hawkwind) albums recorded there. I'm sure Colin was more than aware of that.
    A quick look over the tracklist throws these up:
    Doubles and Trebles = Ally in Exile
    Keep Exhaling = Relationship(?)
    Adore Your Islands = The Spare One
    Re-invent Your Second Wheel = Zegk Hoqp
    Stealth of a Stork = ???
    B/w Silence = Lorries
    Time Lock Fog = ???
    Magic Bullet = ???
    Eels Sang = Eels Sang Lino
    Love Bends = Piano Tuner
    As We Go = Part of Our History
    And Much Besides = Eastern Standard
    Attractive Space = Underwater Experiences
    Going by recent live outings 5/10 and witness to the fact must be amongst the missing titles
    Three and a half months to wait! After the successful release of Red Barked Tree in Jan 2011 I thought Colin would have been keen to steal a march on everyone else with another January release this time around
    I think "Doubles and Trebles" as being "Ally In Exile" is a very safe bet. How could that not be the opening song?

    It's interesting to me that (if true) it means "Ally In Exile" has gone on to spawn three different songs with "I Don't Understand" and "Art of Persistence" being the others.
    Good to know Rockfield is still going. I'm sure they must be struggling, record company budgets being somewhat squeezed in these freeloading times. At least the juvenile idiots in the so-called Pirate Party and all the rest of the 'free sweets in the tuck shop' brigade haven't quite seen them off. (Gawd help us if the Pirate Party/"I don't like paying for music" crew had their way, all music would be recorded on Banjo into a Dictaphone and would sound like Mumford & Sons).

    So rather than just make studio versions of the the D&E tracks they've used that as a jumping off point into something else, that sounds great...I knew it wouldn't be quite was expected.

    I'm also interested to read that Matt Simms is playing on the new record. I really liked the way he played on the last tour, I got the impression he really understood the music and was playing as part of "Wire" although he was clearly adding his own thing to the mix.
    Compare to Phil Cunnigham, the guy New Order brought in to replace Gillian Gilbert. I always felt he was playing as if he was hoping New Order should sound a bit more like Oasis.
    I wasn’t old enough to attend the “Document and Eyewitness” shows but I had a horrible dream this morning of a Wire concert with the worst excesses of performance art stopping me from getting back to sleep. Colin had his hair like on the inlay cover of A-Z and was making smoke circles with a cigarette as he performed and Robert looked very cross with it all.
    Re-visiting a set of tracks that did not meet critical acclaim first time around does seems risky but we shall see. In fairness I enjoyed “He Knows” and “Underwater Experiences” on the Strays EP so it could be a good move. German Shepherds on Strays, on the other hand, was near appalling IMHO –it sounds like an X-Factor version compared to the menace of the IBTABA version
    As we are talking Matt – his guitar work does nothing for me – at the show near King’s Cross on the RBT tour I was just thinking “will you stop chiming that guitar – you play like you are in the La’s or something”. Bring back Margaret if Bruce won’t do it
    "Re-visiting a set of tracks that did not meet critical acclaim first time around does seems risky but we shall see."

    The thing is, these were in 1980 half-formed demos played in front of a crowd that just wanted 12XU, but got performance art, by a band that was imploding. Change Becomes Us is a fully-formed studio album by a band that's been on a high for some time now. Big difference.
    "Critical acclaim" who cares?
    Huntington says...

    "Critical acclaim" who cares?

    Exactly. You may as well...go ahead (groan. I know, couldn't help myself)
    At the very end of The Spare One Colin sings "Adore Your Islands" so we can safely make that connection.
    At the very end of The Spare One Colin sings "Adore Your Islands" so we can safely make that connection.

    And here is the debut version of "Adore Your Islands"

    and review