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    Poorly researched however. It seems to be implying that Bruce wasn't involved in Send. I'd argue also that there are four distinct periods of Wire as the 2000s re-boot with Bruce was far different from this current incarnation.
    Depending on the degree of Matt's participation in the creative process—how much input he had in shaping the songs and their recording—one could argue that this is the fifth period.
    I expected to see a review of CBU in today's Sunday Times Culture section. Disappointment assuaged by Wire interview spread over a couple of pages. There's nothing in the piece that really adds anything significant for those of us here I don't think (he's definitely writing for a non-specialist readership) but good nevertheless to see some well placed mainstream coverage.

    Good luck to all those grappling with good old British crisis-style bad weather shutdown mode for today's events
    RBT came seemingly out of nowhere, CBU, came out of D&E, but not really. I enjoy this album also to see what happens next... that's always the thing about Wire for me, what's next...

    Yes, a review on the web doesn't quite mean what it used to, and of course, if you want anything, it is but a google search away... how I had to hunt down those Dome/CN records back in the day!
    Just to say how much I enjoyed last night's gig, including the PF orchestra, an idea whose time has come!

    Greetings to the idealcopy veterans.

    So, has enough listening time elapsed for people to consider where CBU ranks in the band's history? As I've mentioned before, Send is the ideal document of what I love about the band—I prefer the noisy, jarring version—but I don't expect many others to rank it as their best album. Leaving that aside, then, I think it sits quite well with the other obvious candidates, CM and 154. Indeed, it's a mood-of-the-day kind of thing as to which edges out the other. It is nevertheless astonishing to think that thirty-plus years after 154 they could release an album that immediately—even that is striking, that its quality is that obvious—bears positive comparison with the Harvest albums.
    Good grief, NME. What an absolutely bone-headed review. It's hard to know where to start, really.
    I've just been to an ear nose and throat clinic to have my nose cauterized. OK - I sorted out my nose - if I had known about this review earlier I'd have dragged this misguided soul with me to get his ears seen to.
    Isn't the average reading age of the enemy about 15-17? Says it all really. It's neither a considered review or even handed. Look I've got 100 words to write...erm...oh dear...ah what the hell 5/10. How ironic!
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeMar 25th 2013)
    Craig - NME thing doesn't deserve to be called a review - it's "uninformed opinion".
    Kevin - 5/10 is very good. How about "Field Day for the Thursdays"?
    That allmusic piece is eerily similar to what I think about the album, right down to the finer details. Also, unlike NME drone, it looks like Heather Phares understands the context and the development of the album, and how it works with everything else the band's done.
    One slight faux pas at the end of the interview article - Klara Lewis isn't Graham's spouse - she is his daughter.....
    Even a tentative mention of another Read & Burn (in the Stomp and Stammer article) always makes me giddy. Don't know what makes me so happy about that series, but there you have it.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeMar 25th 2013)
    went looking for a physical copy in a physical shop in the US today, with no luck...
    Typically when one pre-orders an item they would expect to receive said item on or before the item's release date... otherwise what's the point? Given how in advance orders were taken I was expecting to have my item by now but it IS Greedbag so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    If you ordered it with the book, the shipments have been delayed due to printing delays. It was mentioned in the last pinkflag newsletter.
    Yup. The book’s shipping got delayed and the band apologised and hoped people would understand, which would also mean the band itself wouldn't take a financial hit. (Bear in mind, this is Wire, not, say, U2, for which a few grand wouldn't make a great deal of difference in the scheme of things.)

    Here's the relevant bit from the newsletter:

    We have been informed by the publishers of Wilson Neate's book "READ & BURN - A Book About WIRE" that there has been a small delay in the delivery schedule of the finished copies. Seemingly, the entire pressing of books will arrive by boat from China on March 27. However, we have been given assurances that the books earmarked for the "Change Becomes Us" bundles will be express-delivered to our Mail Order HQ on March 28. This means that we will dispatch all the bundle orders containing the book on that day.

    The alternative — to send the Special Edition out separately to the book — would see us incurring around £2000 of extra postage charges. Obviously if we were talking about a few weeks delay we would definitely bear that charge but in this case we hope that you will be patient with us in this matter which has been entirely out of our hands. On the plus side, normally the books would go into the publisher's distributor and be on a five-day turn around which if you factor in Easter means most of you will have the book before it has got anywhere near a shop! This means that people who ordered both the Special Edition & Wilson's book will receive the Special Edition a bit later than those that didn't but you will (as everyone who re-ordered the Special Edition) get the digital version tomorrow when the album will still not be available to anyone else, anywhere, to buy.