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    " Misheard lyrics " are simply fab and shouldnt be picked up on imo. Part of music rich tapestry.

    The first single i ever purchased was Mud and Tiger Feet, as a school kid. The second line of lyrics ive always heard as "Well you know, you da take some peculiar drugs than me "

    Its nice to hear some far cooler lyrics than the orig/intended.

    Have a listen.

    You've got a point there Horatio.
    Until I knew any better, I'd assumed that Colin's dedication before The Roxy version of 12XU was to someone called 'Lupin Aida'...
    Has anyone else received anything yet? My payment for the book & CD was taken on March the 18th, but I've not received them.
    I ordered the package that included Neate's book, so that's why mine hasn't shown up yet, but a friend in Seattle said he got his cd and CBU book on Tuesday.
    Just recieved an email saying my CD & book bundle has been dispatched!
    "Misheard lyrics are simply fab and shouldnt be picked up on imo. Part of music rich tapestry."

    To some extent, I agree, but it's one thing to have something amusingly misheard or interestingly misheard, and it's another thing when a playful lyric is turned into something darkly misogynistic and applied to a band that would never write anything like that.
    Can anybody report back on what the CBU book is like?
    "think Ultravox with heavy drums." What!!!!
    Haven't received the CBU CD yet either (ordered from GB on it's own). I'm in the States... are they (GB) holding off despatch for all orders regardless of whether or not one ordered the book?
    Mine was ordered on March 26th, and arrived in Dublin today (April 4th). Not too bad considering the bank holiday weekend (no post on Good Friday either). UK - Eire postals always a bit slow anyway, for some reason.

    The book is a very attractive little 79 page hardback item with lots of session photos, lyrics, Wire's own intro, and essay by Mike Barnes, even a small drawing by Graham at the back, of Rockfield protected by a massive umbrella ! I seem to remember reports that the weather was particularly awful during the recordings. Rob in the group shot at the beginning looks uncannily like my father-in-law ! Weird... in a good way, of course.

    Time to dip into the essay now, as the album spins...
    On the special edition of Change Becomes Us, anyone wanting to know more about the item looks might like these two tweets:
    "Robert Grey attacking a radiator.." Man after me own heart, as far as found metal percussion goes, but less attacking, more gently caressing I'd say... ;-)
    Rob's being very thoughtful about his selection..
    Did he bleed different radiators at varying levels to get different percussive tones? :-)
    Definitely, Time Lock Fog performed by "The Rockfield Radiator Orchestra" ?
    " Misheard lyrics " are simply fab and shouldnt be picked up on imo. Part of music rich tapestry.

    I agree Horatio

    To this day I have a friend who thinks the lyrics in Reuters are 'Luton's Burning Red"

    I didn't have the heart to tell him!
    The Rockfield Radiator Orchestra with 25 radiators could be an idea for the next performance.
    Ten listens in.... and I've decided Changes Becomes Us is a masterwork. As most critics seem to agree if anyone cares to take a gander at the Any Decent Music website
    The postman has just delivered my Special edition version of CBU and the Wilson Neate book. It's going to be a good Saturday I think. Just need my horses to come in on the Grand National today to round it off nicely!!