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    I'd sell it on eBay as the special "Object 47" edition, signed by all band members with invisible ink on the back cover.
    Jokes aside, no, my copy arrived in perfect condition.
    "Got the CBU special edition CD / book this week, featuring a rather bizarre tear to pages 45/46. A whole section of the lower part of the page has been ripped out, so that the page number of the following page is clearly visible - 47. It has so obviously been deliberately ripped out - has anyone else got anything similar with their copy?"

    I had a similar issue on my copy of the book, the first page containing the photos of the 4 original members is torn. It looks like either glue or water damage to me. Pissed me off when I first opened it but after such a long wait for it I've decided not to ask for a replacement. Might never see it again!

    Has anybody managed to track down a vinyl copy of the album yet? My nearest store has 5 copies at £15 each. Couldn't be bothered to queue up and they've probably all gone by now.
    Having first met Wire during a decade out (I'm sure at least one 12-year-old bought The First Letter, but it wasn't me), I've tended to hear my favourite Wire albums years after they were first released.

    Change Becomes Us fixes that. After one listen it was all there - a great Wire album, substantial and wilful. A great album, fullstop.

    As far as the production goes, I'm glad to feel a little bit of air in the room this time. Unfashionable as it currently seems to be, I also tend to like my Wire with a bit of polish.

    Leading pop astray was always a more interesting idea than hiding out in an alley, shouting into the bins.
    I like that post, coco. Agree with your sentiment. Still listening to CBU, albeit on a more sporadic basis, but of course the tunes still pop into your head in the middle of the day, don't they? The subtle details are revealing themselves in their full glory, like the 'background breath' you can hear in Keep Exhaling.
    I've listened to the album probably about 40 times and it has really worn in nicely for me. I think "Time Lock Fog" has solidified itself in the #1 spot for me.
    Just comparing lyrics old and new, and I did hear it right - '32 feet per sec..' has become 52 feet... a curious change. What's the logic behind that I wonder..
    32 is the rate of acceleration due to gravity, in keeping with the new lyrics which seem to be about a car aquaplaning, 52 would be about 36 miles per hour......
    Brief and to the point Kevin !

    Cheers Huntington, interesting angle...
    A couple of points.

    If there are any printing / tearing issues with the book. Please contact State 51 and we'll get fresh copies sent out. I'll flag it up with them. Obviously as they are shrink-wrapped you can't check before sending but I'm sure the vast majority are ok. Out of interest I found one where the entire book had been printed upside down to the cover! Make sure you do it now before they are all gone..

    PS - State 51 say to put a note in if you are returning because of a fault. It helps them to distinguish from a return for another reason.

    Secondly, "52 feet per sec" - pure pilot error! I discovered when mixing that I'd sung 20 + tracks of vocal all singing 52 feet! Well at least I'm consistent :)
    Secondly, "52 feet per sec" - pure pilot error! I discovered when mixing that I'd sung 20 + tracks of vocal all singing 52 feet! Well at least I'm consistent :)

    The new Second Length

    And, speaking of consistency, a bit of conceptual continuity - Second Length is a version of Our Swimmer, and Attractive Space is a version of Underwater Experiences.. both water related tunes...
    This maybe heresy but does anyone think "Attractive Space" could be the last track of the evening on a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich? I like the track by the way.
    From what i remember of my last visit to the Oktoberfest by the end of the evening you might as well play Attractive Space and most people won't notice the difference with Bayerischer Volksmusik...
    I just read through this whole thing, so I will bump it and comment a little. I was listening to this album tonight and also some of the D&E, T&S and Not To...source stuff. This might be the greatest album of all time. In any case, I am very swept up in it right now, perhaps GOAT is a bit overenthusiastic but I would generally rather err on that side than the other...fantastic album. I'll call it ONE OF the GOAT.

    "Time Lock Fog."
    Here's an unlikely cousin, as far as the approach goes:
    I'm going to venture a guess that nobody who frequents this place *ever* expected a Van Halen reference. :-)
    Yeah, I've seen it said a lot of times how unique the approach on CBU is, so when I came across that yesterday it made me think of Wire. I'm not sure how many bands have put out a new album of very old, unreleased songs (or underdeveloped on earlier releases, anyway) but it's kind of funny to juxtapose them with Van Halen, as you say. To be honest I don't like Van Halen much, but it's a little trivia anyway...

    Mark Prindle is a fan of both bands...I doubt it's the largest demographic, but he's proof that it exists!