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    Question to those who may be in the know (Craig? Kevin?): Was Bruce consulted in any manner about this project, given that he'll share a writing credit on a number of these songs? Along the same lines, has Bruce had any input on the Legal Bootleg series? Which may be a semi-elliptical way of asking whether he's fully divorced from Wire business now.
    What Medulla asks about Bruce really only comes down to songwriting credits and royalties which he will no doubt receive.
    I doubt any consultation was made, or required regarding this or the Bootleg series 1 or 2. Of course I could be completely or partially wrong ha ha.
    As regards to divorce I think the front page confirms that: Wire are Colin, Graham and Robert.
    "As regards to divorce I think the front page confirms that: Wire are Colin, Graham and Robert."

    No, I know that Bruce isn't active in any sense of the band as it stands today, but given the historical nature of CBU and the boots, I was just curious whether he was asked for his opinion on particular shows to be released or about revisiting those abandoned songs (even if as a courtesy).
    I haven't asked about Bruce's involvement or lack thereof in the new material, but my estimate is that it amounts to nothing whatsoever, beyond whatever's required for necessary business matters.
    Probably to be expected, I suppose. Ah well. Thanks, C.
    Anyone with connections to the band know when the first teaser clips will be available to tempt us prior to March?
    I'm assuming like with the previous two records they will pick a 'single' as a free download to trail the new LP at some point.

    'One of Us' was given away to get the ball rolling with O47 and with RBT it was 'Two Minutes'. A bit early for that though.
    Yeah, I imagine there'll be a track available for streaming that we'll bung on this site. However, the timing for such things needs to be right, and closer to the actual release. I'm guessing that kind of thing will ramp up in February.
    Just looking for the digital version....and a gig here in Tirol!
    I always imagined the wire recording process being conducted in a somewhat Urban environment. The Doc&Eye based 2012 reincarnation is an interesting one, i always found the original recording somewhat "angst". The new work being recorded at Rockfield is mighty interesting. On the banks of the Wye Valley, the surroundings are a delight to natures senses and a SSI sight. Is there a more delightful place on middle earth ? I wonder if any sense of the studio and area will come out in the performance ? Hope so.

    Send, Object 47 and Red Barked Tree all have wildly different production approaches so I'm expecting that CBU will follow the same suit.
    Kind of surprised that a teaser MP3 hasn't been posted yet...
    it has been, in the meantime..

    (...) “Love Bends” is a case in point. Its roots lie in “Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)” the raucous, octave-hopping number performed in February 1980 at the Electric Ballroom in Camden and preserved on Document and Eyewitness. But it’s now morphed, improbably, into an irresistible, totally modern pop song. “It had to be turned into something else,” explains Lewis, “because it only really had one bit.” Just as improbably, the gently lilting “Re-invent Your Second Wheel” is tangentially connected to the notorious “Zegk Hoqp,” which was more of a one-time happening than a song at the Camden gig: mostly shouting and banging, executed by a stage- full of Wire cronies in funny hats. “It was written for performance, around people with newspaper headdresses; not with music in mind,” Lewis emphasizes. Similarly transformed, “& Much Besides” is a six-minute oneiric-melodic interlude that gives no hint of its putative origins in “Eastern Standard” a dreary, obtuse three-minute track from the Electric Ballroom concert.
    Wow, that sounds mighty interesting. I can certainly imagine that riff of Piano Tuner turning into something really catchy.
    I saw Wire play embryonic revisions of the Change Becomes Us songs in Sheffield a year or so ago & was mightily impressed - possibly the best Wire performance I've ever witnessed (& I've seen a few!).

    Am really looking forward to the new LP, I've always been particularly fond of Wire's "lost years" (for want of a better term) with Rough Trade, etc - Document & Eyewitness is literally bursting with terrific ideas, & those contemporaneous songs on Turns & Strokes suggest that D&E was no mere cherry-picking of the best bits.

    An "album of the year" situation in the making, I hope!
    Spoiler alert (OK, not really): one of the T&S tracks has morphed into one of the best pieces on Change Becomes Us, and, right now, is one of my favourite Wire tracks of them all. It's really good. I suspect some long-term Wire fans are going to be really happy the first time they hear this album.
    Just got a shipping confirmation email. That was much earlier than I expected.
    @stevethehouse so did I! I wondered if it might be another Legal Bootleg instalment but there are no new downloads yet.

    So it's either a cock up at State51 (and they have been known to get the odd Wire crossed) or we're getting our special edition CBU way ahead of the street date. We shall see....