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    Sounds like a wonderful invention! (not really)

    I can understand why it may be used on releases by Idol/X-Factor/Got Talent 'stars' ... actually, I suppose just about any new artist desperate for success, whatever their genre. Not sure why older, 'established' (to whatever degree) artists would use it, unless their voices are really going downhill.

    I shall try to detect its use whenever Change Becomes Us becomes available to me!

    For those that don't know what auto-tune is, listen to the un-natural changes in pitch on the vocals in the first minute of this video before the chorus and you'll get the idea.
    Great reviews in both Mojo and Uncut.
    Well we've not actually established whether auto-tune *is* being used, it's just speculation. None of the reviews Kevin mentions have picked up on it which is interesting.

    If they are using it, perhaps it's in a knowing way to either ape modern pop tropes or to create a deliberately robotic, other worldly sound. Whatever has been done to the vocals I will accept that is has been done in service of the music and the overall sound Wire wanted to create rather than to mask any imperfection in pitching or an attempt to be 'down with the kids'.

    @hippriest If you haven't hitherto been concerned about such things as Autotune then don't worry about it, lucky you! just enjoy the music for what it is (I'll be doing the same)
    Never had an intention of posting more than once about auto-tune (or whatever it is) and I don't care whether they used it or not. It's not a big deal to me, and I'm perfectly capable of enjoying the music for what it is. Otherwise I wouldn't even be here!
    Oh I didn't mean to sound like I was having a go at you KLeigh88, sorry if it came out like that.
    After listening to ' Re-Invent Your Second Wheel ' Doesn't really sound like Auto tune to my ears,
    If I had to guess, I'd say it's a chorus preset from the Eventide H3000 plug in with some tweaking.

    As for the track, A++
    Sounds like the museumcat might be onto something. A quick perusal of the website indicates that piece of software literally has a "Colin Newman" pre-set
    ***SPOILER ALERT*****

    Doubles & Trebles - Ally in Exile
    Keep Exhaling - Relationship
    Adore Your Island - The Spare One
    Re-Invent - Zegk Hopq
    Stealth of A Stork - Witness To The Fact
    B/W Silence - Lorries
    Time Lock Fog - 5/10
    Magic Bullet - Revealing Trade Secrets
    Eels Sang - Eels Sang Lino
    Love Bends - Piano Tuner
    As We Go - Part of Our History
    And Much Besides - Eastern Standard

    ***SPOILER ALERT*****
    So neither "We Meet Under Tables" nor "Revealing Trade Secrets" were excavated? That's a bit of a shame, as both seemed ripe for development.
    Dr. Medulla - I actually got one of the song titles wrong, check my edited post. You'll be pleased. These are just based on my own interpretations from hearing clips because it always seemed to me that Revealing Trade Secrets/Part of Our History/Remove For Improvement were all similar song ideas. That musical theme is definitely explored.

    Here are 30 clips for those who are curious:
    Well… you've missed one track out entirely (Attractive Space) and Magic Bullet's not right. The rest are, though; that said, & Much Besides has almost nothing to do with the original, and quite a few of the pieces are only vaguely reminiscent of the originals.
    Which track is Magic Bullet supposed to be?
    After doing some detective work it seems Magic Bullet is "Over My Head"
    Thanks for posting the link to the samples. Perhaps no surprise but it does sound like 154 via Red Barked Tree. Very, very promising.

    Does anyone else hear more voice processing in the other songs? That seems like the only possible blemish from what I've heard.
    :: it seems Magic Bullet is "Over My Head"

    Yup. It's also *fantastic*—one of the real highlights of an excellent album.
    'Attractive Space' sounds to me like Underwater Experiences but more like the slow version from 'Behind the Curtain'.
    I like the way this song refuses to be pinned down and has a life of its own like Drill.

    Those clips sound great and I have a sneaking suspicion this record is going to nudge RBT into fifth place.
    I hadn't really gained an appreciation for "Over My Head" as a song before because it was buried in poor fidelity but "Magic Bullet" sounds like the strongest of the bunch based on the clips.

    Really pleased that "Stealth of A Stork" was seemingly taken all the way to it's extreme. That might be the best chord progression Wire has ever come up with.
    for those interested, the clips on itunes are 90 seconds long (apart from the three short tracks). gives imo a better idea of how the album sounds like.
    My recommendation: avoid the clips. I know it's tempting, but too many of these tracks work beautifully when you hear the whole thing, rather than as a snippet. Only two weeks to go now!