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    I couldn't find contact info for the shop, but I know the State51 Conspiracy folks have surfaced here and answered past questions about releases - and thank you for that! Others will have questions I'm sure, so here's a thread.

    My question:

    are the catalog albums offered in the Collector Bundles (R&B, Third Day, etc) physical media, or downloads?

    Thank you!
    I would presume they are physical media
    I would guess so as well since the bundles of PF456 and 12 Times U make it clear you'll be getting vinyl, but I'd like to be sure - the bundles are more than I would want to spend for a download, but if they're discs I'd really like to replace my ...Brochure which I sadly lost. It rarely turns up for sale used.
    It's physical media. As I understand it via a to-and-fro with Colin yesterday, these are rare stock, and so the idea is if someone wants one of the available items, this is a chance to grab it along with the new stuff.
    Excellent! Thank you for the info!
    Woh I see someone has already bought one of the Guitar special editions! Just the blue Airliner guitar left now.
    Some of the limited cd and t shirt bundles have already gone too. I wouldn't leave it too long if you want one of those.

    I think I'll go for the Book, Boots, CD and Tshirt bundle.
    Would be nice if the boots start coming through soon to whet our appetite for the new LP. A batch each month would be nice....