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    Might as well start this one up as well.

    Very excited about the 1990 show, and if the 1987 Vienna show is the one that I have on a crummy old cassette, I am overjoyed. If it's the same show, Madman's Honey is fantastic. I think the tape I have came off a radio broadcast?

    Anyway, it looks like I'll end up with two copies of the new album securing both the boot series and one of the other bundle productions, but so be it. Wire makes a great gift.
    There is a bundle that has the special edition album, book, t-shirt and legal boot series - that may be what you're after
    Well, if I can get a new disc of ...Brochure I have to do that, but I also want the boot series. Ah well... at least I won't end up with two books!
    Will there be any way to purchase the legal bootleg series part 2 on it's own?
    Or perhaps as an add-on to another bundle to avoid duplicate CBUs?
    This from the newsletter re the Legal Bootlegs 2.....

    "We will provide more information in a later newsletter and hope to have the first set available before Christmas. You can also pre-order now as part of the "Change Becomes Us" bundles"

    The more information bit seems to sat that at a later date the bootlegs will be available on their own
    Hmm. Well, if the 2 bonus downloads will still be available later to complete-series buyers without bundling in CBU I'd hold off for that.
    As far as I know (and Colin will have to confirm—but he's away until the weekend), the bootlegs series will be available on its own, and the exclusive digital items will be for people who order the entire bootleg series (i.e. all nine recordings), but are independent of the 'full pack'.

    Again, the idea of the newsletter stuff was "get more things for a bit of a barg".
    I've just pre-ordered the "full pack" and the bootleg series (the offer on the left) - will I be eligible for the exclusive downloads as and when they're available?
    I really wish there was a way to make this more affordable for US customers. Between how expensive the set is (roughly $150) and how mishandled the previous series was I think I might have to sit this one out or at least wait until the series has been released in it's entirety and then evaluate whether or not it's actually truly "worth it". It's a shame that Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest won't be available on it's own.
    From the mail-out:
    "We're now planning a second series of 9 recordings which will include gigs from the 70's up to the present and will also encompass radio recordings. Included will be West Runton Pavillion (1978), Amsterdam - Roxy Music Tour (1979), Berlin (1979) Amsterdam (1987), Metropol, Vienna (1987), Mean Fiddler (1990), The Garage (2000), Scala (2008), German Tour (2009), European Tour (2011) and we are sure we'll find some more!"

    That's ten shows, not nine. Which is the typo, the "9" or one of the listed shows (presumably one of the 2000's)?
    Is the D+E Complete Set even still happening? I thought the Electric Ballroom gig was set aside for that purpose, it would be a nice gesture to fans to release that as a part of this series if that set is no longer happening?
    Meh. Personally I won't miss an expanded D+E. Iffy source tape for Electric Ballroom (as noted by Kevin in another thread), all in mono? The original D+E will be just fine as far as I'm concerned.

    As for Legal Bootleg 2 pricing, my hope is that if there really is going to be a later issue w/out CBU then ~£25 will come off the price (the current pre-order price for CBU only). That would be a bit more manageable for this American as well.

    And regarding 10 shows not 9, the part about "we're sure we'll find some more" is also interesting. More for a 3rd series, or will Series 2 expand past the 9?
    Well my concern is that that gig was originally promised as a part of the first series and then it was withheld in favor of that Berlin gig because they were planning on releasing an expanded Document & Eyewitness set. Now that 4th album project evolved into a different direction (or so it seems) I think the EB gig should be released either retroactively with the first series or as a freebie on the second series.
    Ah, you are correct, I had forgotten there was mention of Electric Ballroom being removed from the first set to become a self-contained release. Don't remember if that bit of info was a "hint of a possibility" or a "declaration of intent" though - there have been a few of those on a variety of topics over the years.
    Good to see some of my suggestions and CD's of original master cassettes found favour for series 2.
    Good news, esp. Mean Fiddler. Just hoping the above will include more band sourced mixing desk masters this time, instead of amateur/enthusiast recordings, most of which have already been doing the rounds for years in one form or another (even if not necessarily endorsed). T&CC 87 was great but it's frustrating when we know a much better recording by the Manor Mobile exists somewhere in Mute's vault. Needless to say, I'll been buying the whole set anyway to support the cause.
    The T&CC 87 WAS the Manor Mobile tape.
    In fact I heard both versions of "Over Theirs" and "Drill" from that gig recently - I felt the Legal Boot improved on the original Mute release.
    There's a certain urgency and grittiness in those live recordings that's very much at odds with the recorded albums. I like Bell is a Cup a lot, but Queen of Ur from the Astoria gig is wonderful, and I prefer most of the tracks from the boot these days. IDeal Copy… it's a pity we've not yet been able to cobble together a full version of that from the boots, but perhaps in the future… (As far as I can tell, we'd need live Point of Collapse and Still Shows—Feed Me can be grabbed from The Ideal Copy extras on the CD release. Bar Illuminated, IBTABA's 'complete' in boot form though.