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    Has an installment plan ever been discussed when it comes to payment for the legal bootleg series?
    Firstly - Yes of course the new legal bootleg series will be available separately. The pricing structure will be the same as for the first set (individual, 3 packs & complete) . The idea of the "early launch" was to give people the opportunity to get the full series alongside the new album at a discounted price.

    Secondly - I wanted to get the two complete set bonuses available before Christmas but unfortunately have been defeated by circumstance (basically Christmas itself). I'm going to continue to work for an early Jan release.

    Thirdly - I have indicated a basic grab bag of what we are going to be drawing from. Some of these items are going to be have to be mixed by me from existing multi tracks. So for sure no-one will have heard them before!

    Fourthly - When we were in the planning stages of "Change Becomes Us" we took the decision to take "Document & Eyewitness" off any potential release list until we saw where that process would lead us. Wire always favours new releases over anything historical. This realistically puts anything we might plan around "D&E" back to 2014 I would imagine. We've thought various things about how to release it including vinyl & CD.

    Have a great Christmas and a super 2013!!
    Re the Secondly comment - that's odd - Greedbag has just emailed me informing me of the despatch of the entire order!
    Just got my notice of dispatch as well. Fantastic Christmas present!!
    All the products in the bundles are sent out as soon as they are available. If you have ordered something and it is in stock you will get it. There is nothing from the bootleg series available as of yet. As I said you'll get something soon....
    Thanks for clearing that up Mr Hq. Have a great festive season - and that goes to all and sundries on this 'ere site and forum!
    Thanks for taking the time to clear up everything Colin. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    First instalment arrived today - the T-Shirt
    yes. i guess that's according to plan:

    "your order will be processed straight away so get your teeshirt immediately and your album and book upon release"
    Thanks Fabrizio :)

    And Happy Christmas to you and everyone else looking at this!
    Happy Christmas and best regards to Malka, Colin !
    Just received my first bundle from LB2. (April 2011 WFMU and KEXP, and the Feb 2000 Nottingham Social (Recycling Sherwood Forest). After a quick survey the flac versions sound very, very good to my ears. Will be digging in deeper over the next few days.
    Track list:

    23rd February 2000 Nottingham Social (Recycling Sherwood Forest)

    Silk Skin Paws
    40 Versions
    Boiling Boy
    The Art of Persistence
    Madman’s Honey

    Advantage In Height

    He Knows
    Being Sucked In
A Serious of Snakes

    Another the Letter

    04 April 2011 WFMU - 13 April 2011 KEXP


    Down to This

    Pink Flag


    Bad Worn Thing
    Kidney Bingos
    If Recycling is the version I was lucky enough to hear a while back, Silk Skin Paws is utterly fantastic.
    How can I subscribe to this season?
    Apart from satisfying a long itch—knowing it exists, yet under wraps—RSF is quite good. Pretty much everything I could have hoped for.
    Wow, now I'm really confused. The shows above were listed in the announcement email as bonuses for those who subscribed to the whole shebang, but now they're for sale individually in the Pinkflag shop.

    Also still hoping I can buy Bootleg Series 2 without buying a redundant copy of CBU. Is this coming? Couldn't find it in the shop.
    I'm really confused too. It says you can buy them separately on the page and it even adds the item individually to the basket, but then when you try to check out it comes up for the entire subscription? Can we or can we not buy these items individually?
    The Sherwood versions are really good but it's a weird listen as a whole. They sound like good quality studio versions with audience applause, etc spliced in between the songs from a shitty audience tape! Would be interested to know more details about what was done to these in the studio.

    Hi All,

    Just want to clear something up. State 51 made a mistake yesterday when the put those two items on sale. i sent them everything straight after Christmas but it took them until yesterday before they put them up. I have informed them that they must not have them on sale separately as it totally destroys their "special-ness"!!

    RSF - is basically the original rather shitty 8 track recording of the show which got "improved" by me in swim studio. I did it in 2005 when the band was inactive because i thought it might be a representation of how the band sounded "in my head" rather than via the medium of a crap live recording. I replaced a lot of things because they didn't sound so great but I didn't change or add anything. It's what the band at that point would have sounded like if it had been nicely recorded and sympathetically mixed.
    I suppose I could have just left out the audience but I though some of the comments were pretty funny and I didn't want to completely destroy the connection with a live performance. Hope that makes sense.