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    Thanks for the reply Colin, the thing about the audience makes perfect sense. The thing about replacing but not changing doesn't though. Surely that's same thing isn't it or am I being really thick?!

    As I understood it, think IBTABA but without rewriting. Some aspects rerecorded in the studio, but the underlying structure/notes/chords, etc., in the tracks remaining as they were when live, resulting in a kind of hybrid.
    Ah ok, that makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks Craig.
    No I mean it in a more literal sense. I re-did the vocals because they sounded bad, re-played my guitar parts for the same reason etc etc. But It's the same parts played in the same way with the same kinds of sounds. It's not the same performances, granted but in the context if this kind of production that's not really relevant.

    BTW - if Wire had not re-started in 2006 then this would have been a full release as it was the strength of the current phase has really taken away the need for "choice" archive releases to fill out the catalogue so I felt it time for it to see the light of day in another way.
    IBTABA was about replacing the original sounds & parts. More like a kind of re-mix.
    Well, the Bootleg 2 page has been removed at the shop and back to only CBU bundles. Will there be an announcement if/when the aforementioned unbundled full series subscription becomes available? Or just keep checking?
    Based on the strength of the clips (and probably against what's good for my bank account) I went ahead and purchased the second bundle. I can't even begin to tell you how great RSF sounds. Yet another Wire release that just completely exceeded my expectations. I love having the crowd noise (and especially the stuff before 12XU) because some of the comments from the crowd are great.

    Now is a great time to be a Wire fan.
    Still no way to subscribe to season 2 without buying CBU (again)!?
    Nope. No subscription without CBU yet. Shame, really, as I am looking forward to hearing the two bonuses that are already out for bundle subscribers, but not enough to buy another copy of Change Becomes Us to go with them.

    Patiently waiting for unbundled subscription (as mentioned earlier in this thread by CN himself)... or even a vague promise that it is still coming.
    "He Knows" on RSF is spellbinding.
    Here's another 'core fan' very keen to hear RSF soon! Can only echo the above comments re. bundles and duplicate purchases.
    Any update on when an unbundled Bootleg 2 series might be made available so that those of us who sprang for a non-bootleg CBU bundle can finally hear these tracks that everyone is glowing about?

    I wouldn't keep nagging, but Colin's declaration earlier in this thread that unbundled series 2 will "of course" be available separately haunts me.

    Anyone have any idea about this? Craig? Colin? That State51 guy who showed up periodically when everyone was complaining about their RBT vinyl?
    I can't answer all of your questions, but I thought Colin cleared up that Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest and The Radio Sessions comp were both exclusives to the legal bootleg bundle and would not be available ala carte.

    As someone who's spun RSF about 40 times since I've downloaded it I think it would be a big shame if this release didn't reach a wider audience. I played it for a few friends who are fans but not big fans and they were blown away. I think RSF is so much more than a curiosity for the hardcore fan, it truly does have the quality of a proper release. I do understand Colin's rationale for not releasing it, though.
    Yep, I caught Colin's mention that State 51 gaffed by putting the two bonuses up for sale, and they've since been removed.

    In my first post in this thread I mentioned that I'd be OK with a redundant CBU - I can always give it away, esp if it is as good as the buzz surrounding it. Unfortunately, that was enthusiasm talking, not my checking account.

    But, since there is no sign of the unbundled Bootleg 2 series and no further mention that it is going to happen, I guess I have two options: download everything illegally, or end up with 2 CBUs via the bootleg subscription.

    Oh well.
    @7jlong having read back through the thread, it's clear that there will definitely be a stand-alone release of Bootleg Series 2 and the bonus extras will be be available to anyone who buys the subscription for the whole series.

    At present, Bootleg S.2 is only available as an incentive to pre-order CBU, so I would assume that once CBU gets an official release, then the unbundled Bootleg Series will appear for sale. In other words you may have to wait until March...I do sympathise!

    However I recommend you contact in the first instance before you spend any more money and see if they can help you out.
    yeah. maybe they can "upgrade" you to the bootleg series bundle by paying the difference, without having to order an additional bundle. worth asking them for sure.
    Edit: received a reply to an inquiry I sent to pinkflag@greedbag. "Sit tight" is the name of the game for unbundled Bootleg, and that's fine by me... it just got frustrating to hear the great reviews of the material that went out and have no access!
    Apologies to 7jlong and the others that are understandably frustrated - as I was one of these annoying reviewers - but when you listen to it you'll understand why we felt the need to give it due praise - damn there I go again!
    I can share some of the blame for writing about my excitement regarding S.2. Honestly I had completely forgotten that it was an incentive and not everyone would be getting it. It certainly was not my intent to brag or tease others on the board. As leefact25 said it was just a need to share with others who would understand.

    My wife has learned when she sees a certain gleam in my eyes (not "that" gleam) that she should make herself busy because I will be launching into a grandiose description...again...about another Wire recording. So it makes sense to share excitement with those that are bit more sympathetic in the appreciation of all things Wire.
    @leefact24 and KLeigh88 -

    Nonsense! Please, by all means, exclaim away. I am thrilled that the material is getting such high marks and enjoy hearing about it. I certainly don't want to stifle board members in way. It is frustrating not being able to hear the material yet, but I just can't spare the money on a redundant CBU if unbundled is coming (I'm saving for a trip to the Utrecht Record Fair in April). But I will get to hear all the material (2 bonuses included)... eventually.

    swimhq sent me a very patient and thorough explanation of the process and where they're at, and reassurances that we the Collector Bundle buyers haven't been forgotten. I admit I was nervous that there would be more strange complications that grew more out of State 51 than Wire, but it would appear that all is going according to plan at the moment.

    A forthcoming newsletter update was mentioned, so others who are waiting: stay tuned.