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    Any idea of when the first batch of live shows will be posted? I wasn't sure if they would be posted before the Change Becomes Us release date or not.
    Wahey! Amsterdam is up!
    Is it ? I got an email that tells me that the 17 Dec 1985 Amsterdam gig is now available for download. But that's the old one from the first legal bootleg series. And if i check the available downloads on greedbag i can't see anything new. Something seems to be happening on the downloads side, but i guess it didn't quite work as expected..
    I have to correct that. Something's available now, but it's not Amsterdam. It's three other ones. Off to download...
    17 Feb 1978, West Runton Pavilion, Cromer
    12 June 1987, Maxwell's, Hoboken
    21 May 1990, Hibernian, London
    Yes even those who have been unable to subscribe have them!!!!
    So today I am welcomed with the 'pinkflag pre-order ready!' email, which always gives me mixed feelings. This is because only half of them go smoothly. Last time I had a problem (froze during 1st download attempt then would not allow me to try again), 30 (business day) hours elapsed without a reply from 51State so I wrote again and got a cryptic, unhelpful reply. My 3rd contact finally got the downloads reset (4 days later). This time, every time enter my password I get... 'Sorry! We couldn't give you the page you wanted for some reason. Sorry about that. Click here for the front page' (on Chrome and Firefox) and 'The website cannot display the page' (on IE). Trying the download again on my PC yielded the same results so it’s not a computer issue. Apparently Greedbag does not like my email address; never has, never will. While I realise I just asked for it after hours, 51State is not dependable with regards to help.

    I have an internet friend who is already in the process of uploading the files to Dropbox for me, the only way I'll get them in a timely manner. I was once a musician and believe in 'intellectual rights' so I hate to do this: split the cost of future Greedbag/51State releases with him and get my copies that way. Ethically, since we are 2 different people living thousands of kilometers apart in 2 separate households, we should pay 2x as we did for the 1st and 2nd series of bootlegs, but if and when there's a 3rd one and based on past experiences, the only way I can guarantee getting the music in a remotely timely fashion is to strike this deal (unless the powers that be at PinkFlag decide to go with another provider).

    Has anyone else found Greedbag downloads to be unreliable? If so, any advice? Is there any way to ‘trick’ it into giving you what you already paid for without having to wait an eternity for 51State to straighten out whatever the problem du jour is?
    I gather the extras for the full bundle purchasers went up in mid-January. I didn't receive an e-mail about that and the recordings aren't listed on my downloads page. The only ones I see are those from the first series and the first three of the second series.

    I've fired off an e-mail to to get the situation rectified.
    Although I've almost always been thrilled with the content I think the Legal Bootleg Series is a pretty big mess and most of the problems from Series 1 have been carried over to Series 2.

    The Change Becomes Us bundle thing is/was very poorly explained and the fact that only some items are available in some bundles makes the whole thing even more convoluted and confusing. Colin was kind enough to explain to everyone on this board how it works and our questions were cleared up but I still think it's very confusing on the website itself. Any attempt to make the package more affordable to fans is entirely undone by how confusing the process is.

    The second issue is that the Pink Flag website and the State51/Greedbag website do not interface together in a way that makes sense. There are too many pages and sub pages on the legal bootleg series and none of them really feel like a master home page where all of the content is gathered into one place. This is especially evident in the fact that all of the purchase links for the individual shows all lead to purchasing the full bundle without really indicating that is the case. So if you tried to purchase the bundle using the "Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest" link any subsequent update to the bundle will be received as though it was an update to Sherwood Forest and not the bundle itself.

    My biggest issue with the whole thing that I've always been very vocal about is the fact that you are asked to pay for the whole thing up front and the shows become available in stages. It should happen in one of two ways: Pay in full and get all of the shows at once, or pay in 3 installments and get the shows in 3 installments.
    On another note: Who knew "Still Shows" would be so different live?
    Apologies- saw the email headed Amsterdam- thought it was going to be the one off the Roxy tour......

    Re the Wir gig - is the Hibernian a last minute change for the Mean Fiddler or will that one come later?

    Wonder if the May 90 cd (from the Italian book) is from the same gig?

    I was at the Hibernian gig - I remember the fake palm trees on the stage and Graham's weary response to all those who asked "Where's Robert?" "WALKING THE DOG!!!!!"
    Hibernian is probably of most interest to me, first show I've heard from that era and both that and the 87 gig are good quality recordings. The 78 show has an intriguing track listing but is one of the most lo-fi of the series so not an easy listen...but hey that's bootlegs for yer.
    Was the Hibernian gig the one where lyric sheets were crushed after each song and dumped in hanging trash cans?

    (Definitely remember the 'Walking the dog' comment, along with the usual appeals for '12XU', which we kind of got that night!)
    Re Greedbag - there are two sets of mp3's and flacs for each album - the flacs look as though they are identical - the mp3's are probably Apple vs Windows. On downloading the flacs - firstly the zip files weren't working at all - so I had to download each track individually - and when I did the first "Champs" flac didn't work - thankfully the second one did. One problem I did have was with the Maxwell's artwork. Both the other covers were OK but the format of the Maxwell's artwork couldn't be displayed.
    I'm at work at the mo so not downloaded these yet. Anyone know why I have 2 sets of MP3s and 2 sets of FLACs for the 78 gig? Is this an early and late set with the same setlist?
    No - when I said the first "Champs" flac didn't work - in actuality I got the first fifteen seconds. The second one is OK. Those first fifteen seconds are identical on both "Champs".
    @leefact25: don't know if you have noticed, but that email with subject "Amsterdam" actually refers to the update of the Jeanetta Cochrane bootleg (that's not necessarily clear from the mail). They have uploaded a version of the show with better audio quality. It can be found at the bottom of the available downloads. I'm downloading it right now.
    Just noticed that - not only that - an extra track too!
    I re-downloaded it and it still sounds horrible. Is it that much of an improvement or did I get the wrong files? Really disappointed that the new 1978 show is horrible quality too. I don't know why the band feels comfortable charging money for something that sounds that terrible.
    The latest Jeanetta Cochrane update has an extra track called "An Unlikely Occurrence" - if yours didn't have that then you probably downloaded the old one again.