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    Yeah, mine didn't have that and it doesn't appear to be listed. I bought the original gig so shouldn't I be entitled the the update?
    I had to hunt for mine. It was below a couple of downloads I bought a few years ago - I've got both Jeanetta Cochrane's on my greedbag list - it'll have that extra track and the release date will be 2013 - you should have it if you bought the original - if not..... SHOUT!
    They're sodding about on greedbag now. Went to download the updated Jenetta Cochrane recording - and both the new and the old ones have disappeared!
    Good old Greedbag - seen more professionalism in a Keystone Cops movie. The complaint screen goes off when you want to send it - tried phoning them - it rang for a bit then this slow voice said - "They're not open today - I don't know how to turn this off!"

    One thing I've noticed - they've corrected the listings where they were putting all the flacs and mp3's twice - but where's the bloody Jeanetta Cochrane update FFS?
    Ugh. What a mess!
    Now the show is back but it's back to being the old version for me.

    Did anyone manage to grab the new one? if so how improved is it?
    The 1990 show is a curious thing. It feels like they're deliberately making things difficult for themselves and the audience, feels a similar atmosphere to D&E. Quite confrontational..we've replaced Robert with a (really badly programmed) drum machine, we're playing mainly stuff off the new LP (and not even playing the best tracks from it) and when we do play an old song we're either playing two songs at once (Kidney Buzz) or we're playing it at half the speed in sort of Jazz tempo (Ahead).

    They're still fairly uncompromising these days, and the bloke shouting for I Am The Fly will still go home disappointed, but they're a lot more fun to see now I reckon.

    Would be quite nice to collate everyone's memories of this gig for the virtual sleeve notes! Sounds like quite a few of you were there.
    drum machine? it was a fourth person on stage with a load of programming eqpt. dont know who it was though.
    Hmm, well I wrote to them to complain that I hadn't received my 2nd series exclusive extras and they wrote back to say that they couldn't find an order from me for the 2nd series.

    I checked and they're right: I never ordered the bloody thing!

    The background to this is that I wanted to order it, but there wasn't a 'Change Becomes Us' bundle featuring the CD, book and bootlegs without also requiring me to shell out for a superfluous T-shirt, so I decided to wait for a stand-alone bootleg bundle to be offered and then promptly forgot about what exactly I had ordered.

    The confusion arises from the fact that they added the first 3 downloads of the 2nd series to my Downloads page, so when I received an e-mail from them this week about updates and checked my downloads, I saw 3 new gigs to download. It never occurred to me that I hadn't actually ordered them!

    So, I'm not entitled to the extras and I should never have received those 3 gigs, but when I go to my Downloads page now, it's completely blank. They have now removed everything, including all of the 1st series that I purchased; even the Jeanetta Cochrane update that I hadn't yet downloaded, because I hadn't yet discovered the reason for its appearing twice in the list.

    What a mess.
    I bought that bundle as my better half wanted the T-Shirt - and I bought the 1st subscription ages ago,so I'm entitled to the lot. The bonuses and the latest concerts are still there - all the first lot are gone - and the update to Jeanetta Cochrane is still missing.
    I'm having the same problem, all of my downloads have disappeared! I guess they must be fixing the database. Here's hoping they do because I'm chomping at the bit to hear even a slightly improved version of that JC show!
    I think the cock up has been sending out the new three with the Jeanetta Cochrane update. I got them but had not yet subscribed. I think the real problem however is lack of communication....people would be ok if they knew what was happening.

    I saw the 1990 show in sheffield and there was definately only three of them on stage. I think we even got an encore, as they filled the place with so much smoke they couldn't find the dressing room....
    I can still vaguely remember the fourth guy at Hibernian. Biggish bloke - hair slightly unkempt - sitting there anonymously behind studio type equipment. I'm now puzzled at what gig the Italian book EP "Live May 90" features - because it sure isn't Hibernian.
    The "Biggish bloke - hair slightly unkempt" is Paul Kendall (Piquet).

    The Live May 90 Italian book was taken from Sheffield if memory serves.
    How many gigs did Paul Kendall play - was it just the one?
    Kevin - do you know if the EP was taken from a complete recording of the Sheffield show? If that could be obtained that would be a wonderful addition to the Legal Bootleg catalogue - the sound quality is stunning.
    "I think the real problem however is lack of communication....people would be ok if they knew what was happening."


    It was mentioned by both swimhq and state51 in their reply to my question ("when can I buy unbundled boot 2?") that there would be an announcement. There was a mess in my downloads yesterday identical to what others are reporting, but it is gone now and only Bootleg Series 1 (w/updated JC) remains. That is fine, I didn't pay for the new series yet.

    It looks like the second series subscription is up and ready to be purchased, but I think I'm still going to wait for that official announcement. Seems like state51 might be a little busy and/or confused at the moment, and I don't really need to add to their problems.
    What isn't fine from my end is that I have paid for both series - and the updated JC is still missing. I've now emailed them for clarification.
    "the updated JC is still missing"

    Did you check the date posted under the show on the downloads page? Mine was updated to 2013-02-18. Haven't downloaded it yet so I can't confirm it is really new, but the date is a good sign.
    Yes - that's how I knew it was there before and how I directed it to Stevethehouse. Whilst I was at work I actually had both versions on the page. By the time I was back home both versions had disappeared. It is not on the page at all.