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    Biggio first mentioned it to me - but I also knew at the time it was the new one because it has an extra track - "An Unlikely Occurrence" - if you check your download and this track is included you have the new one.
    My downloads have been restored but the JC show is *still* the old one. Is there anyone who managed to download it yet who would be kind enough to send? Between the first series and this series my patience for all of this miscommunication has worn thin.
    I'll hang around a day or two for the email - if I get no joy I'll be making the same request

    Pardon me while I run to download JC before things get any weirder. It shows An Unlikely Occurrence in the download list, so I guess I'm in good shape? Time will tell. Still downloading.
    Just had a very nice email from them - checked download site - everything's back (including Series 1 which had all disappeared) - and both the Jeanetta Cochranes! Hopefully they won't bugger off when I get back home to download it!
    Not the case from me. New JC is still missing, as well as my series 2 downloads. Let me know if anyone grabs the new one and if anyone would be kind enough to send I'd appreciate it. I'll even send a screen grab proving I made the original purchase.
    on the other hand - email them at now - they've obviously been alerted that there is a problem with this - they just looked at my download site and reset it - hopefully they'll do the same with you - they were quite quick about it
    Clips of the new version are here:

    If anything it sounds EVEN WORSE
    Sounds brighter and less muffled to me than my copy.
    My tuppence - They should charge a nominal fee for bootlegs, variable, depending on audio quality, set it up via Bandcamp with the files already uploaded & ready to go. I've had trouble with both Greedbag and Sandbag.
    I totally agree. There are so many other ways to handle this type of thing that are less cumbersome. We're paying a significant amount of money (comparative to other similar services) and because of that there's really no excuse for this service to not be run flawlessly.
    I've finally managed to download the new JC and agree that it's arguably not an improvement at all, other than the inclusion of a track that was previously missing.

    I also agree that for the sound quality, the bootleg series is pretty expensive, particularly when you consider this material was already out there, doing the rounds.
    Yeah - it's not. If anything the awful distortion has been even more emphasized.

    Still no response from State51 on my end.
    I'm getting this message when I try to access my greedbag download page:

    "Sorry! We couldn't give you the page you wanted for some reason. Sorry about that. click here for the front page."

    Sent them an email. Hopefully I'll get my downloads back and the new ones to download.

    (Got a speedy reply and downloads area reset within an hour)
    Here's the response I got:

    Hey Steve,

    Thank you for your email, sorry to hear you can't access your new files. Unfortunately, because the way the system is set up, we are unable to directly attach the new release to your order.

    Could you please order the new version via Greedbag, then reply to us with your new reference number, we will then refund your completely for this purchase.


    This is totally unacceptable. They don't have the capabilities to give me something that I already paid for without purchasing it again? Are they going to give this response to everyone who had already purchased the JC show?
    No they just reset my download page and the new JC appeared, whether it's still there when I get home and attempt to donwload it's another matter!
    stevethehouse - looks like you got someone who doesn't know what they're doing - same happened with me and jelliott - they reset my page and the new one appeared - could try calling them up - 020 7729 4343
    I would like to strongly suggest using band camp for the 3rd legal bootleg series if there is one. I don't plan on ever making another purchase through State51/Greedbag again.
    Recycling Sherwood Forest is fantastic btw... and I'm only on '40 versions'.
    Drill 2 from 1987 is a particular favourite so far and the Pink Flag for WFMU is pretty good.....