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    Edited to soften my stance. Chris at State51 promptly worked with me to resolve the problems once I called them. I was a bit disappointed in the way the communication played out before that, but they have acknowledged my concerns, so there's that. (I still despise that answering machine message.) I have the first 5 downloads now, and they confirmed that my account (I had to open a new one since I tried to order when they were having problems with missing user accounts) still has my CBU pre-order, so I should be receiving that and the book in the mail when the time comes.

    All's well that ends well, I guess.
    So after some very unhelpful exchanges with Greedbag I sent them a very colorful frustrated response. I go to long on today and not only does my password not work when I enter my email to try and get a new password it says my account doesn't exist! My account is completely gone! I am speechless. I feel completely powerless over this situation. They have my money in full so there is no incentive for them to provide me with reasonable service.

    I don't know how frequently the band keeps tabs on here these days, are the band even aware that Greedbag is screwing up everything?
    My account's disappeared as well. I emailed them about a missing download (Queen's Hall),they reset the account and nothing changed. After another e mail, this was the reply "I can see the error you are talking about! Let me look in to this and we'll get back to you as soon as we fix it!" Now, no account. Hopefully this means they are sorting out the gremlins once and for all. I may not hold my breath.
    Had none of the problems others have described earlier in accessing any of the new boots, including the Jeanetta Cochrane upgrade, but I just decided to see whether my account was untouched. Like others, it no longer recognizes me, so I assume they did a general wipe. Not good at all.
    I feel very lucky, I've had no problems at all but its not cool that the rest of you can't get at your stuff.

    Could Craig separate out the Greedbag gripes thread from the Bootleg thread so we can have a thread to concentrate on the musical content and one for all the download problems? . I feel both threads would be better served and all the greedbag issues can be in one place and maybe passed on to them?
    For what it's worth, as of this morning, my access has been restored.
    "Could Craig separate out the Greedbag gripes thread from the Bootleg thread so we can have a thread to concentrate on the musical content and one for all the download problems?"

    Unfortunately not—this forum's software doesn't have that function. The only thing I could do is sink the entire thread and then create another.
    If i have further chapters to vent I'll start a new thread. I'd love to talk about the series contents but...
    I'm almost afraid to order the second series of boots at this point, in case anything goes wrong with the order.

    Add to that the fact that they accidentally gave me access to three of them for free, the significant detail that they're very expensive for what they are (i.e. dubious quality and no physical media) and I'm having a hard time getting my finger to hit the Submit button.
    I've played Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest for a number of friends who aren't familiar with Wire and they were all blown away by it and are now inspired to check out more from the band. I think RSF gives you the clarity of a studio recording with the raw and immediate energy of a live performance and the song selection is fantastic for a career overview. The only pity is that they weren't able to get some Graham tunes in there but I don't believe there were any in the set at the time.
    Silk Skin Paws from Sherwood is one of my favourite Wire tracks of them all. Something just happens in that version where everything clicks. It was always a top track anyway, even with Bell's wishy-washy production, but there's a real spark on that live/studio mash-up.
    I've wanted to hear Recycling Sherwood Forest for ages, I seem to remember even emailing Colin and begging for a copy many moons ago! Typical that it's only available to those rich enough to buy all the series. Sadly, (1) disappointment with the first series, (2) dire financial straits and (3) the fact that nearly all the new boots were shared in good quality versions on dimeadozen in the last year (!!) mean that I'll never hear it. Bah.
    23 February 2000, Nottingham Social - (pfb 0050) - Recycling Sherwood Forest
    01. Silk Skin Paws // 02. 40 Versions // 03. Boiling Boy // 04. Art of Persistence // 05. Lowdown // 06. Madman's Honey // 07. Advantage in Height // 08. He Knows // 09. Being Sucked In // 10. Strange // 11. Serious of Snakes // 12. Another The Letter // 13. 12XU

    Does anyone know why 'Mercy' is not included on Recycling Sherwood Forest? I know it was played cos I was in the audience. I was also disappointed that it was left out of the set for the RFH show a few days later. From memory the version they played in Nottingham was spot on.
    I am hoping we get some live versions of the CBU stuff, maybe from late 2011?
    I don't know whether it was recorded, but if it was it strikes me the Heaven gig (and possibly the encore) would make a great Legal Bootleg entry.
    A chap standing by me was definitely recording it
    There was a person on the front row recording it, he had mics on his glasses, so that's x2 aud sources if needed.
    acrmcr "A chap standing by me was definitely recording it"

    Was that on the balcony at the back? If the answers no, then I know of two additional recordings as well.
    The chap I saw was the one at the front with the mics attached to his glasses. The whole show is up on youtube (albeit cut up into separate songs) - good quality too.
    Yes... Black Cat in DC, here I come again. Saw them there when they toured RBT, missed the Object 47 tour due to surgery, and before that, the Send tour in New York City (and before that, blah, blah, blah). The last time was the best however... stuck around and spoke with Mr. Lewis for an hour while he was packing up using the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland as my introduction. I normally do not wish away whatever is left of my life, but I can't wait for July.