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    Sorry Lee that's kind of a weak analogy considering there was no exchange of money between us.

    It took me all of about 3 seconds to find the interview on Google:

    Do you find that since you have a one to one relationship with the audience through that you are able to be more reactive to that?

    In some respects, but if you look on the forum it is a lot of moaning minnies.
    It may have taken three seconds for you to find it but it took seven weeks for you to respond to my request - but thank you all the same. I'll quit with the analogies and be frank. Quite a lot of us have forked out. All those that have are waiting. There was a similar story re series 1 but they arrived in the end. I'm sure the remaining shows will appear at some point as well. Mr head easily contactable on here and on social networks - why don't u address him direct? We are all in the same boat but your protestations are starting to become a drudge and this is the reason why you are getting stick on here.
    > Do you find that since you have a one to one relationship with the audience through that you are able to be more reactive to that?

    > In some respects, but if you look on the forum it is a lot of moaning minnies.

    But is it unsupportable assessment? *Every* message board and online community dedicated to a band will have those who complain a lot about whatever the artist does. That's just the way it is, here and elsewhere, and it would be silly for CN to suggest otherwise. I don't read his comments as contemptuous for the membership here whatsoever, merely an honest assessment of something that I'm confident the vast majority here would agree with. Besides, Wire has *never* been fan-friendly in that traditional rock n roll show biz manner. They write, record, and perform to satisfy themselves first and foremost and have never disguised that ambition. You accept it or not. Really, the whole Legal Bootleg project is quite unusual in that it does seem quite fan-oriented. We'd all like to get the next round of boots sooner rather than later, but on the list of life's irritants, it ranks pretty low for me.
    Apologies for my rather lame '1st world problems' comment, that was a really cheap shot and sorry for pissing some of you off.

    For the record I didn't part with my cash lightly, ummed and ahhhed for some time about which CBU option I could afford, and stopped short of the T-shirt and the book.

    The thing that irked me was Stevethehouse comment:
    "They have our money so there is no incentive on their end to complete this project in a timely manner"

    which to me implies that Wire have trousered vast amounts of cash from this venture and Graham and Colin are right now, sitting in a bath full of Krug Champagne, hoovering up lines of bugle and laughing at how they hoodwinked their fans with promises of non-existent bootleg mp3s. Robert is out of his mind on crystal meth, hurling organic vegetables into the bath and Matt is sat nearby on a throne flanked by some very expensive escorts, playing loops on his echoplex...all paid for by us stupid gullible moaning minnies and they have no intention of honouring the deal.

    or...maybe they're a bit busy and Mark Bursa is still sorting tapes out and they need to get the mastering done.
    Ultimately, the bootleg series is a thing 'for the fans'. I agree that it would be nice to see some (revised) expectations set for the current series, but Wire production is basically Colin, and he's doing touring and the like. On "if you look on the forum it is a lot of moaning minnies", that's hardly slighting the user base, nor even this forum. (Bear in mind, despite being a small indie of limited funds, Wire did pay for this website to be created; it's a lot better than what plenty of much more affluent bands have online, and I've never heard any regrets from the band about having set it up.) For every comment along those lines, you'll find a bunch from Colin and other band members enthusing about the fans.

    I think the more telling line is: "It is just that there comes a point where you can’t make them all happy." When you do have a fairly direct line to people, it can become draining if you are quite often seeing critical things right away, even if that's not the majority sentiment. That's not to say people being critical of certain things are wrong—it's just a statement of reality.