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    Apparently there's an unreleased 12 inch of "Big Glue Canal"????? Were any copies actually pressed? If so - what are the tracks included? Does it feature the mix that ended up on the Italian Mute Sampler?
    been looking for this for years. i saw a mail-order dealer selling a white label of this early 90's and like a mug i didn't go for it. i can only presume it was genuine , strange thing to make up. i would guess this was the mix as on that italian sampler (which i've got) , seems logical? i've never heard of anyone else ever having a copy , this is something i'd love to see....

    (other wir-era rarity is the "nice from here" mix on a razormaid dj compilation. another tricky one to track down....)
    Re the Nice From Here razormaid mix - 4 vinyls for sale on discogs

    and 5 cds from the same site

    I have both of these. The only difference really between this and the original is the ending.

    Does it mean that there are other Wir tracks (b-sides) that never got a release?

    A quick search shows that this was discussed on Ideal Copy back in 2000 and that there was a catalogue number, CDMute132:

    On a similar note, do any UK test pressings exist for the "Life in a manscape" single? It was allocated the catalogue number Mute 107 which is listed in between brackets on the US cd single. That number was of course eventually used for "So & slow it grows" but I suppose it means that "Life in the manscape" was meant to be a UK single at some point?

    Like most Razormaid "mixes", "Nice from here" is a mere re-edit, isn't it? I.e. not essential.
    Yep - the Nice From Here remix has a remixed drum-machine ending which stops the need for a fadeout. That's about it. Dunno about the "Life In The Manscape" UK single - but I can say that the US CD single is mis-named - the "album version" is actually the "radio mix" on the US promo 12" - the actual album version is slightly different.

    The fact that there could have been a UK "Life....." may explain the titling of the 7" and 12" versions on the US CD - despite the fact the song was only a 12" for promo purposes and no 7" was released at all.

    Note: Whilst I was comparing versions I was "grinding through the mill" - for me "Life In The Manscape" was a rare mistake on Wire's part!
    i always thought it was a weird decision leaving the 2 opening tracks of manscape off the vinyl issue (life in the manscape / stampede) , at the time i thought they were 2 of the stronger tracks from that era. i think in the UK manscape suffered from not having a single put out off it / around it , i can't recall any radio play happening at all. "stampede" was fabulous live , a wonderful lyric summing up that era.

    mind you , "glue canal" isn't exactly an obvious single choice either ;-)

    those razormaid releases go for big bucks , i suppose they're pretty limited. took me ages to find a copy at an affordable price , i got the cd version as they seem to mostly be in the US and postage to the UK for a 12" is a bit steep. more out of completism than it being "essential" , not like there's a load of wir stuff to be had....
    I have always thought "Big Glue Canal" was a bit of a disappointment to be honest and i wouldn't bother seeking it out unless i was a completist or found it at a very reasonable price. On the other hand if a good quality live recording of the 1990 Reading set became available i would definitely release the bloodhounds!

    Going off-topic I have often ruminated on the theory that a lot of tracks off "Manscape" and "The First Letter" would be dramatically improved through the utilisation of better production technology and perhaps re-recorded using different instrumentation. Perhaps an idea for a 'new' project once the "Document & Eyewitness" odyssey is at an end!
    I always hoped they'd resurrect So And Slow It Grows for the live set, but with Rob drumming on it. As for those albums in general, there's some great writing and experimentation on Manscape, but the production too often gets in the way. Still, You Hung Your Lights In The Trees will for me always remain one of the more beautiful things Wire's done. The First Letter quite often suffered from Rob's absence, though—it was like Wire retained some of its angles but lots its rhythm. I love So And Slow (especially the single) and I like most of the rest of the album, but on listening now, it sounds like a compilation of solo works by the remaining trio rather than a coherent album.
    I agree re the resurrection of 'So and Slow It Grows' for the live set with Rob drumming, that would be great as its a lovely piece that would benefit from Robs percussive flurries. I also agree that You Hung Your Lights In The Trees (and Children of Groceries) are beautiful pieces of music and should also, in my opinion, be given a live outing sometime.
    I think that the songs from Manscape which could work now, aside from the aforementioned tracks, are 'Stampede', 'Other Moments', 'Small Black Reptile' and 'Torch It'.
    The deputation i would select from The First Letter would be..'Take It (For Greedy)', 'Footsi-Footsi', 'Ticking Mouth', 'It Continues' and 'Tailor Made'. I feel that some of these songs still have relevance in regards to the state of the world today.
    I again agree that The First Letter suffered from Robs absence and the somewhat clunky and per-functionary percussion appended to the tracks, a shame that the person(s) involved in remixing So And Slow It Grows didn't have a hand in the album tracks ;-)
    So And Slow It Grows is one of my favourite singles by anyone EVER!!
    the idea of a "manscape remix" was discussed but i guess focus moved on to the D&E material. agree totally that there's some great material on those albums that probably merits more attention than it got at the time. i don't actually think there's much wrong with "first letter" at all , its just quite abrasive and uncommercial (single aside) and wasn't where the music press were looking at that point. manscape isn't quite right , mostly a production thing , i always just felt that listened to as a whole the last 2 or 3 tracks just drifted away like a reflection of maybe how things weren't quite working out.
    only 2 mansacpe tracks i don't like per se are morning bell (that lyric....) and children of groceries (sorry objectifly). the tracks objectifly chooses for resurrection are mostly the ones the band chose to present live (apart from COG so maybe the band agree with me on that one , ha ha ). i saw one of the shows and i thought it all came across really well , the highlight was probably 1 2 drill U though somehow i think that'd be a hard one to slot into the current live set (go on guys prove me wrong , i won't mind).
    similarly i think we might be in for a long wait to hear the band re-do first letter stuff but you never know.....
    Is this it?
    They've probably never had a copy, but it suggests the barcode is 5016025201327
    Colin's never seen a copy of the vinyl but does say that there were a few similar mixes made of the track - I was also emailing Jon Wozencroft about this a while back - he confirmed mixes were made but he didn't think they ever got to white label stage.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 17th 2019)
    I did follow this up. Memory from back in the day, this was going to be a Mute 12" and was scheduled. 'Big Glue Canal' became 'Killer Bees' (a Bruce title, I think), essentially a Paul Kendall mash-up with Bruce's involvement and maybe Russell Haswell in the studio as well (the upstairs room at Mute's offices in Harrow Rd.). Colin told me he might have a DAT tape of it - somewhere...

    I really like "The First Letter" material and also agree that it would be great if some of the tracks could be resurrected with Robert's drumming involved, but it is what it is. This sequence of recordings ends with WirVien, done for ORF Radio in Vienna. If anyone wants to do any further detective work, seek out Wir's premiere of the songs at the Mean Fiddler and the support slot for Blur at the Kilburn National. The latter was filmed by a German TV company but has never seen the light of day and probably never will.
    Which was the Wir performance that featured on that VHS and CD-ROM that were doing the rounds a few years back?
    jw - was "Killer Bees" the same mix which ended up on this - or was it a different mix entirely?