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    Are you level? How's your trim?
    Do you rotate, eddy, or spin?
    That Item or a similar item has been on E-Bay several times. Don't know if anyone has actually bought one?
    This IS really bizarre. On one hand the seller has over 1500 (FIFTEEN HUNDRED) different spinning tops in his ebay shop so the story that he "found them in a shop" rather stains credibilty!

    On the other hand the insert disk appears to be purpose made for the spinning top so someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble either way......

    As a completist it is tempting but perhaps I will wait for the fire sale when he can't get rid of them all.
    I want the whole set. Can you get Bruce, Robert, Graham and Matt?
    Seems there are a couple others and a mini pinball game with the full band.
    Damn! And I was so wanting to buy the Graham Lewis top LOL
    @ R Swimmer - the Margaret and George tops must be worth a bit
    These are the most bizarre and weird artefacts I have ever seen. PMSL.

    Maybe someone should market the Wire egg whisk or the Bruce Gilbert cheese grater. :)
    Or for the discerning Beekeeper, The Bruce Gilbert Collection..
    He obviously makes them up from kit form, but they're obviously already made up ready to sell and with pictures specially printed rather than torn from a magazine.

    Which makes his choice of subjects all the more bizarre. He's got Men at Work, REO Speedwagon, individual members of Jethro Tull, Dead Can Dance, Baltimora, Mike and The he's also working his way through cult TV series of the 1960s and 70s (Bonanza, The Love Boat, Dukes of Hazzard) .

    If he made them 'to order' I could sort of understand it, "Jimmy The Hoover backgammon board sir? No problem..a China Crisis cheese board as well? Give us two weeks I'll send them over". I suppose its on the basis of, if you sit and make one for every single film, TV show and rock band in he world, someone somewhere will buy it.
    If you look at it from the point of view that some completist collectors will buy any old crap, even at wildly inflated prices, it might be a savvy business move. That said, surely Dead Or Alive would be a better band for those spinning tops.
    OK, this guy is officially nuts.
    he is..but possibly also very clever if he can really manage to sell a cheap piece of plastic with a picture for 15$ each.