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    I just wondered if there were any plans to reissue the mute albums at any point? Maybe a boxset similar to the other one!?
    probably need to ask mute.............
    Is there any evidence that Mute pay any attention to anyone on the label besides the obvious large earners? Has anyone had remasters over the past fifteen years or do they just repress the same, original, versions of product again and again?
    I don't think they need to be remastered, the current cds are pretty good
  5. are the original vinyl!!!!
    "or do they just repress the same, original, versions of product again and again"

    Mostly, and I do somewhat like Mute's insistence on keeping albums in print, but then the lack of availability can sometimes be good—it fuels demand, which typically leads to 'better' versions of the product being issued.

    With Mute, only the very biggest acts sometimes get recuts, like Depeche Mode. That said, even the Depeche Mode ones were an utter botch job. Instead of doing what the Cure did (original album on CD1, B-sides and rarities on CD2, artwork similar to the original release, and a nice chunky booklet with photos and new liner notes), they bizarrely remastered the CDs and then used a DVD for a pointless 5.1 mix, along with some additional tracks. 5.1 is fine, but if the original music wasn't designed for that, what is the bloody point?

    With Wire, I'd like to see something like the equivalent to the Cure 'deluxe editions' mixed with the way the Wire EMI stuff was produced: the main CD would contain [i]only[/i] the original album, as it was intended to be. A second CD would then be used to compile b-sides and mixes from the various singles, along with any rarities that can be dug up, such as live versions of tracks like Ahead, Eardrum Buzz, and so on. Around Manscape, this has a lot of potential for interesting stuff—there was a strange version of Advantage in Height played around that time, along with the spectacle that is Eardrum Bingos. I'd also like to see a DVD compiling the Wire videos from the 1980s and 1990s (Ahead through to So and Slow, but also the MTV Drill from Bruce's 50th and any other relevant material), although I suspect that'd be an absolute bitch to deal with from a licensing standpoint.

    The main question for me would be what to do with Snakedrill—a separate item, or on the second CD for Ideal Copy.
    It'd be cool to package Snakedrill with an extremely early 1985 / 1986 show, where all of the songs were much different than they were on TIC or ABIAC
    Is there compilation of the 70s b-sides?
    Mute is part of EMI now. Do I see a pattern?
    Nope. Mute is owned by EMI, but operates independently.