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    Wire are back! The band have announced details of their forthcoming album, Change Becomes Us via the blaster of a new track, 'Doubles & Trebles', which can be heard via the Soundcloud embed below. In typical smart Wire fashion, Change Becomes Us is almost a sidewise nod to the genesis of the album: some of the material is inspired by sketches of songs and ideas first mooted before the first phase of the band came to an end in 1981. While for most this will sound like an entirely new album, the Wire hardcore might like to try and spot elements that can be heard on that year's Document & Eyewitness live LP, a bold two fingers to both punk reductivism and their major label home. Wire have used these scraps and blueprints, and the input of guitarist Matt Simms, now a full-time writing and recording member of the band, to make an album of new songs that's a very fresh update of their smart intention to blur the lines between art and pop. Say Wire, "Some of this material had only ever existed as quickly prepared sketches for one-off performance; however, subjected to the rigour of a Wire working process of both touring and studio, it evolved organically into what we think is a fascinating hybrid. Liberated from its historic roots, it simply took off!"

    We're also very pleased to announce that as part of our It's Been Five Years anniversary celebrations, The Quietus will be working with Wire on a series of events called WIRE:DRILL, taking place at various venues across London in March 2013. More details on this soon, but for now we can announce that the last night of the series will feature Wire playing Change Becomes Us in full at Heaven on Sunday, March 24th. The set will close with the massed guitars of The Pinkflag Orchestra playing the track 'Pink Flag' by way of an encore. The album will be released the day after, March 25th, but various versions including some very tasty special editions can be bought via the Wire shop.
    I couldn't be happier with the way this song turned out... in fact it exceeded my expectations. The recording sounds amazing, so thick and full but open enough to pick out the intricacies. I can't think of a Wire recording where Colin's vocals have sounded better than they do here. I think this is going to be the Wire album where everyone finally stands up and takes notice of a group who is still pushing musical boundaries 30+ years into their career.
    I have always loved 'Ally' and this version captures the essence of the song perfectly. Can't wait for the album on the strength of this taster. It bodes well. Roll on 25/03/2013! :-)
    Holy crap, that was better than I could have hoped for. I literally got a chill up my spine in the first few seconds. If the rest the album is this good, it's almost certainly going to my album of the year.

    edit: Does this mean Matt is a proper member of the band now?
    Yeah I'm liking that. Although there is obviously lots of multi tracking and trickery (strange vocal effect too) it also captures the band as they sound live these's got that 'woomph' to it.

    I suppose the only downside is I already know the song! I'd be interested to know how it goes down with people who aren't familiar with the D&E album.
    Another satisfied customer. Totally agree with what's been said previously.
    Sounds fantastic to me. When it kicks in..killer.
    Upon additional listens, it has a great feel of menace to it, and in that it reminds me of 154.
    That is precisely the word I would use to describe this song
    What can you say? Well Meaty, beefy, big and bouncy comes to mind. The countdown to pay day has begun.
    Great track, love the sound but is it just me or does the start sound a bit like 'I don't understand' (that riff)?
    or...the other way round...the riff in "i don't understand" is very similar to the one in "ally in exile" :)
    I Don't Understand was originally derived from Ally In Exile.
    Or, timeline-wise, Ally In Exile (1980) > The Art of Persistence (abandoned) > Ally In Exile (c. 2000, live) > I Don't Understand > Doubles & Trebles. Sort of.
    I don't really hear AiE in Art of Persistence. What parts do you think morphed or evolved into AoP?