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    TicketWeb are denying me access. If anyone manages to get through, please get me a ticket!
    Got mine earlier this morning but there seems to be a problem with the website now, try later would be my advice.

    Anyone got any clue what the other "events" of DRILL:LONDON will be?

    i've been trying for 12 f'ing hours! customer support are useless as welL!
    What web browser you using? That sometimes seems to have an effect on some websites, Firefox worked for me.
    all sorted & tix ordered - PHEW! It seems that they relaunched their website recently & deleted all accounts (well mine, at least) without any notification!!!! Not happy about that!

    Anyhow, the gig will be a cracker! For those that haven't been to Heaven b4, it's a great intimate (200/300 capacity?) venue with a great sound (PiL last year was outstanding!). But get there early as there's usually a club afterwards & the live music curfew tends to be about 10.30.
    That'd explain it, i made a new account. First time to Heaven since Megatripolis mid-90s, happy daze!
    2-300? It's a lot bigger than that - at least a thousand can get in! I played there once with TV Personalities supporting MGMT (Dan Treacy didn't make it so we had to make do) - it was terrifying as I was taught a song backstage five minutes before stagetime and the place was full! I suggest getting yr drinks in before the band start - the place fills up quick.
    coukld be right Lee, seems so much cmaller tho. either way it IS an intimate club for a gig & if Wire's Xoyo gig was owt to go by Heaven will live up to its name!
    Heaven has an official capacity of 1,850. Lee and I saw TG there a couple of years ago and it felt like there was that many crammed inside.
    that many? seems a lot smaller, but maybe that inlcludes the merchandise/bar area at the side. who cares - great place!
    Tickets booked, should be a cracker. Anybody know if copies of CBU will be available on the night?
    I would guess a CD or two will be on sale at the merchandise stall.Along with t-shirts and pin badges. Alcoholic beverages will be available at the very overpriced bar.
    & any freebies will be determined by the colour of your handkerchief dangling from your back jeans pocket!!!!!
    I'll tell you what I'd like to see on sale - one of those small, metal Pink Flag pins they used to sell. I had one at one point but d'you think I can find it....
    acrmcr - i've been emailing the band & messaging on here since i joined about them. I still have one, but would sincerely like another to adorn another item of clothing! & i'd like to see plain black polo's with the Pink Flag symbol on breast of sleeve - not too large obviously! Let's start a petition.
    I see WIRE are playing @ Sister Ray Record shop on Records Store day as well. Believe the vinyl version will be available on that day.
    Wrong place, right time.
    I'd love a poster of the Heaven gig like the one in the PinkFlag newsletter, looks really nice.

    I'm not sure I'm feeling the polo shirt idea Garage, but you could always get one custom made:
    garage band - count me in! I asked the merch stall person a couple of years back about those pins and I'm sure he said they were thinking about it...
    I'd love a pinbadge as well. Very classy looking.