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    Taoyoyo - where are they playing on RSD if it isn't Sister Ray then?
    According to Sister rays record shop page they are playing there.

    "We are proud to announce the mighty WIRE will be playing live at SISTER RAY on Record Store Day 2013!

    To say we are a little excited might be the biggest understatement in SISTER RAY history. We are BLOODY EXCITED!

    More bands to be announced soon *WATCH THIS SPACE*"

    This was from their Facebook page.
    So... whatever happened with these two "mailing list guests" for the Pink Flag guitar orchestra thing that has been mentioned a few times in the newsletters? Have they been announced?
    Not announced yet, as far as I'm aware. When I spoke to Colin recently, he said it was something he was still sorting out.
    for those that want to know -
    Stage time for the live event next weekend :
    19,00 Doors
    20,00 East India Youth on stage
    21,00 Wire
    22,00 Guitar Orchestra
    23,00 Curfew

    Sorry, I was being too oblique.

    I'd made a comment in the wrong thread and couldn't work out how to delete it... I changed the post contents to reflect that but in retrospect should have just said 'sorry, wrong thread'! :)
    I missed this little bit of news, there will be a 5th member on stage at Heaven. Tim Lewis aka Thighpaulsandra (of Spiritualized and I think Julian Cope's band among others) will be taking on keyboard 'duties'. I did wonder if they might add some keyboards since there are quite a lot on CBU.
    I'm now looking outside and hoping it'll stop snowing at some point. Going to be gutted if I can't get into London tomorrow due to being snowed in. Stupid weather.
    R Swimmer said... "Tim Lewis aka Thighpaulsandra (of Spiritualized and I think Julian Cope's band among others)"

    Yes, he was in Cope's band as well as releasing his own stuff. Of course, it almost goes without saying that if he was in Spiritualized then he had previously been in cope's band as Jason resembles a Premiership manager who nicks all the best players from the smaller club! ; )
    "I'm now looking outside and hoping it'll stop snowing at some point. Going to be gutted if I can't get into London tomorrow due to being snowed in. Stupid weather."

    Same here Craig. Looking rough out there...
    Looking from the other window of my delayed (10min) train...incongruous vision of the Malaysian GP with CBU audio on the laptop....
    R Swimmer said... "Tim Lewis aka Thighpaulsandra (of Spiritualized and I think Julian Cope's band among others)"

    He was also a member of Coil, and has worked solo too.
    Im in the pub down the road lots of balding men like me keep saying Wire who is this poppy Wire band? I must go find out!

    t in the important im in the pub
    Musico Perfecto. Immaculate sound, immaculate gig.

    Nice to see Margaret on stage for the encore.And LeeFact25.
    Craig - our webmaster - braved the weather and appeared too - next to me. The people I remember and recognise - I apologise for the ones I didn't know - Mark Bursa, Craig, Margaret, Graeme Duff, the guy from Asian Dub Foundation, Lonelady, Malka, Robin Rimbaud, the keyboardist from Malka's band, the guy from Matmos, East India Youth, Klara Lewis - and I know there were cannot buy experiences like that - I'm buzzing so much you can run a grid off me! Wire's set was incredible - and the sound seemed to improve dramatically from the soundcheck. "Attractive Space" was awesome - and that was an understatement.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeMar 24th 2013)
    Was a superb rendition. Every song shined. There was a nice exchange between Graham and Colin after 'Eels Sang' - this song got a big surge of applause - G "My cross to bear", C "No, your albatross". The vocal at the end of "Attractive Space" was dynamite.

    Coming up to 36 years since I saw Wire booed to beer at the Newcastle City Hall it is quite something to witness. Had the pleasure of meeting briefly the Quietus guy afterwards who described 'Adore Your Island' as the Who mixed with Wilhelm Reich. Could also be Yes mixed with Samuel Beckett.
    It was a great gig and huge fun to be part of the orchestra (and also doing my good deed for the day, teaching Graham Duff the E chord). I really hope someone got video of the encore (Mrs G got the soundcheck but, for some reason, her iPhone didn't save the video she took during the gig itself.) If anyone has a photograph or video of us all playing Pink Flag, I would dearly love a copy.

    EDIT: Two more people to add to the orchestra list: Emma Anderson from Lush and Andrew Westmeyer. (Andrew created the original Wire web page, and he also bought a CBU guitar combo and flew in from the US to collect it. A very deserving orchestra member!)
    I really enjoyed the Heaven experience - great venue and Wire sounded fantastic. More powerful than the album I'd say. Hats off also to East India Youth who provided a very enjoyable set even if was a touch "Nathan Barley". I was really disappointed to miss the Lexington on Saturday given the set played (I love tracks from Send) but at least my wallet will make it through to pay day now. As for the Pink Flag orchestra - I wasn't expecting that many people on stage and my ears are still ringing now. My wife missed shouting "Drill Drill Drill Dugga Dugga Dugga" but at least we got a bit of "How many?" on PF. I wish they could make it up with Bruce - even if he didn't rejoin I'd be happy to hear his set on the same bill.
    for me it was a good Wire gig, not great (but a good Wire still pisses over most others). They were great, but i've not taken to CBU as much as many others. The highs, both last night & on the album (D&T's, Adore Your Island, Time Lock Fog, Magic Bullet & Attractive Space) were wonderful, tho i agree Eesl Sang was great live. However, I did drag along 2 mates who are now converted!!! PF was hugely entertaining - i just wish they could've done more!

    I look forward to a 'normal' Wire gig with a nice selection of past & present....with a few surprises!
    A terrific show with a great, full sound. The Orchestra was superb too - a big well done to everyone who was lucky enough to be up on stage!

    Craig - I've got a few photos of the Orchestra if you'd like them? Drop me a message and I can send them over.