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    I can't say Mrs G and I enjoyed the support much either. Some nice ideas dotted about but it seemed to go on forever.
    Sounded like the muzack you hear in lifts/airports/shopping centres.
    I thought he had a lot of courage getting up there on his own - thought he was okay, went on a bit too long, though my other half didn't enjoy his set at all. Think that sort of music is best listened to while relaxing at home.
    I admire the passion and him doing the slot—I just wish it had been 15 minutes shorter and a lot more focussed. It just dragged on and on.
    Does anyone have a set list from the Lexington gig?
    Lexington setlist was : Boiling Boy, Comet, Spent, Drill, Another The Letter, Two People in a Room, I Don't Understand
    Thanks for that. I'm just reconnecting with Wire after 25 years or so - lost contact in the late 80s, re-established relations with Red Barked Tree. Lot of catching up to do. Two brilliant live shows, what a weekend.