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    Heard this before Christmas and see it's just hit the shops - Gazelle Twin's cover of Heartbeat on her new Mammal EP.

    An interesting range of remixers on the EP too.

    See here for more:
    Very nice version. Good video too. I think the lads would approve.

    Here she is interviewed with John Foxx, Robin Rimbaud & Benge. Robin's touring solution is... very Warhol.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed her version a lot. Like all good covers it reminds you of what a good song this is..and shines a spotlight on what is a relatively low key Wire track, but actually one of their best.
    As song it's quite good, obviously, but as a cover it's pretty naff! I always think that covers should be markedly different to the original, whereas this is not that dif from Wire's!

    I always use 2 examples of what i call 'good' covers - John Cale's Heartbreak Hotel - you'd have no idea what it is until the vocals kick-in (a good tune as well!). Another is Scissor Sisters take of Floyd's Comfortably Numb. It's clearly a totally naff song (NOT the original!!!), but they've made it undeniably thiers.

    juts my thoughts!
    Agreed, Tim. It does make you realise how good the original is. Made me want to listen to it again. Fond memories of them playing it at the RFH, with Michael Clarke's dancers draping themselves around the stage.
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    If anybody is interested in a run of interesting covers have a look at Jez Kerr's (him of A Certain Ratio fame) Soundcloud page, he's done a couple of Joy Division song, Lou Reed and America rcently, just for fun too.
    Shockheaded Peters did a cover of John Cales cover of Heartbreak Hotel and it was superb.