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    I have the original 2004 release of "On The Box-1979" - are there any differences in the re-release? Was the sound remastered?
    Somehow I managed to buy both and there is nothing on the packaging or discs that indicate differences and I don't detect differences playing the CDs. I haven't sampled the newer DVD yet.
    I was wondering if that strange appearance of a fragment of "Single K.O" in the background of "Mercy" on both the CD and the DVD had been corrected - wonder how that came about?
    If you're talking about "Leaning over backwards" appearing at 1:43 of Mercy it's on both.
    Yep that's it
    Might have been a bit of tape bleed/print-through.
    They didn't fix the absence of chapters (that's been discussed here before), then? May be an artistic decision but it's annoying....
    I was always confused by that 'tape bleed through' if that's what it is. It's on every single version of that show I've ever seen or heard. It must be on the original recording.

    It would've been on the original recording alright - makes sense in terms of the other versions you heard.

    Actually, now that I think of it, if I remember it rightly, I think it was Colin who told me at the time about the print-through..