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    Hello, all - and Mr. Lewis if you're listening -

    I hang around a fair amount, submitting releases and tracking my collection and what-not, and there appears to be an old controversy surrounding the proper way to transcribe the "band name" of Graham's Immanent album.

    A few variations that have been run up the flag pole:

    H-A-L-O Lewis
    H.A.L.O. Lewis
    Lewis H.A.L.O

    Discogs as a community is rather vigilant about text appearing as it does on the release. The "Lewis" inside the O comes up for discussion (I never interpreted this as part of the artist name, perhaps just a subtle indicator of Graham's presence for the cautious record-buyer?), as does the punctuation (clearly, judging from the above list).

    A bit of minutiae that reeks of trainspotting, noted, but it would be nice to clear this up once and for all.

    Anyone have any inside info on the official version?

    Thank you!
    Graham says: "The name H.A.L.O. originated from the abbreviation for the technique military parachutists use for entering hostile territory… high altitude low opening… military free-fall not a piece of angelic headgear!"

    So I guess H.A.L.O., with 'Lewis' being a nod to his own name.
    Thank you! Ah, right, I remember reading that somewhere. Was that from the WMO newsletter?
    I dunno—that specific quote was from an email Graham sent me earlier today.
    Oh! Well, thank you for taking the time to relay that then. Much appreciated.
    Dredging old posts a little here, but I'm awaiting the arrival of 'Immanent' (second hand, from Germany) with considerable excitement at the moment, having just found a few extracts on YouTube.

    It's yet another example of Graham's astonishingly diverse solo/collaborative output (and great for the gym too, if that's your thing!)

    May I recommend you give it a whirl, if you haven't already.

    What I could also do with is a 27#11 CD if there's any chance please Mr Lewis?
    That and the stuff from RFH. Lots of great stuff lurking in Graham's audio basement. As for Immanent, Eclipsed remains one of my favourite tracks by anyone with anything to do with Wire.
    Spot on Craig. I still remember thinking one of Graham's pieces at the RFH was the best solo work anyone did that night, but I've never been able to find out what it was.

    My HALO CD arrived today....
    One piece from Graham's set appeared on the Its All In The Brochure CD credited as He Said

    Its called t.i.t.l.e.
    Thanks Kevin, I have that CD but sadly it's not the track I was so impressed by at the concert.
    It was mangled on that CD. Distortion city.
    I've been listening to Immanent by HALO again today. By gum it's good. If you haven't got it, I implore you to get it.
    Can I ask if anyone has the US version of Immanent with the four extra tracks, and if so (daft question, as I already know the answer!) is it worth hunting out in order to get them?
    2 on sale from discogs.....
    I have the CD of Immanent with 16 tracks. The extras are a mix of Eyes Fly and three of Eclipsed. In both cases, I prefer the album version, but a couple of the takes of Eclipsed are pretty nice.
    Thanks folks, I can feel a further purchase is on the cards.
    Having now got the 16 track version, I completely agree with you Craig. The album is a real grower, and Is This All currently sits at the top of my playlist. A remarkable piece.

    I also keep finding more 27#11 online and just hope a CD is on the cards at some point.
    "I also keep finding more 27#11 online"

    I know of a couple of tracks in the wild, which were takes on a Monks track (Oh how to do now/Were ever oh how). Are there more?
    Agree on Is This All.
    Apart from the Monks cover i have 6 more 27#11 tracks found on the internet.
    Do You Believe and A Must Have among my favorites.