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    There are some live videos knocking around, but were any studio recordings ever made (bar the Monks 7")? (And, yeah, A Must Have is lots of fun.)
    For some time now, on my ipod, I've had the following 27#11 tracks; 'Electric Eel Wheel', 'Jap Monk OHTDN mix' and 'Siph-On-Off Mix'
    All the ones i have are studio recordings.
    I only know the titles of the two songs i have mentioned, plus were ever / oh how to do now.
    Maybe the three titles mentioned by Ian B are among the other four songs i have. Will need to check.
    Any chance of getting GL himself to let us know what's been recorded and released in some format under the 27#11 name?
    Btw, there's still the myspace page of 27#11 with four songs, of which three are the ones mentioned by Ian.
    I can't hear nothing when i press on play though, but maybe it's just me and you have more luck than i have
    Yeah, it works for me.
    It works for me for a couple of songs each time, then it just stops.

    There's a splendid ten minute live 27#11 video from 2010 on YouTube with the chorus 'Where do we go from here? How did we get it so wrong?', but I don't know the name of the song (unless that's it of course!)