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    I've read somewhere that Lennon was a fan (or at least acknowledged) 154...just wondering if anyone knows the full story, any quotes? Cheers
    I think all this amounts to was the fact that in one of his last interviews he mentioned that he'd been listening to some Wire and Joy Division (who would have been the new(ish) young bands at the time), no further elaboration from what I can remember.
    Below is a link to an old thread on the New Order site (albeit more interested in the idea of Lennon digging Ian Curtis). The quote seems to have come from an NME transcript of an old Andy Peebles interview.
    I've got the BBC book The Lennon Tapes which is a transcript of Lennon and Ono in conversation with Peebles. Not read it since I got way back then, but just had a quick perusal and found Lennon talking about Madness and The B-52's, and mentioning in passing The Pretenders and Blondie but haven't come across any mention of Wire or Joy Division.

    Will have a proper read some time when I get chance. (Can't catagoriacally say this is the complete transcript but as its 95 pages long they can't have left much out!)