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    Marc Riley played "Love Bends" last night, about 10 minutes in:

    He says it's a single, I wonder if it will be a download, or an actual item.
    I'm guessing probably just a download, but who knows? On listening through the album, hearing that riff was one of the nicest surprises, so hang on until the CD arrives if you want that same stupid grin across your face that I had.
    Yeah I've heard Love Bends through a link to Lauren Laverne's show that was shared on the Ideal Copy mailing list. And after that and Doubles & Trebles (both excellent) I'm calling a halt until I have the CD in my possession. A genuine sense of anticipation is such a rare thing these days - I personally will succumb to no further tasters.
    Yes, heard this too - excellent stuff. Wonder what Marc Riley meant by "Wire news looming large..."?
    Wow... not at all what I was expected. They really turned that song idea upside-down and inside-out. My anticipation for this album is skyrocketing.
    Just had my first listen to Love Bends and of course I love it. Couldn't help thinking all the way through, "God I miss Bruce!" No disrespect to the current version of the band intended. March can't come soon enough!!
    Really like this. Can always rely on Marc to play WIRE material.
    With you on Bruce, but also on the stupid grin....
    That riff has finally found the song it deserves!

    Love the title, and the track itself sounds like a great combination of the warped Pop music that Wire Mark II specialised in, with the propulsive energy of 2013 Vintage Wire.

    A single would be good, why not? I'm not sure of the economics of a limited 7" release but certainly a digital single could be put together (and how about that Wire Mk3 version of 'Crazy About Love' that I thought was part of Recycling Sherwood Forest but isn' the "B Side"?)

    Certainly one of the things I miss most about the pre-Internet music industry is getting a proper single or a 12" EP ahead of a new LP release.
    "Certainly one of the things I miss most about the pre-Internet music industry is getting a proper single or a 12" EP ahead of a new LP release"

    Agreed on this.
    R Swimmer - I believe the Crazy About Love re-do was an entirely separate project and not a part of Re-Cycling Sherwood project
    What Crazy About Love re-do? Has this ever appeared in any shape or form?
    I think Colin played it on a radio show many, many years ago. I'm not sure if a recording of said radio show exists. I've never heard it.
    stevethehouse - Yes, he did. A version of Crazy About Love was played on Totally - It was on Claire Kember's show on 10/02/01. This may have been the Mk3 version.

    Colin co hosted the show and brought along some tracks he just 'grabbed' on the way out of the house.

    This was the playlist,

    Artist / Track / Label
    1. Uzo / 2000 Elephants / Codek
    2. Colin Newman / Cut The Slack / Swim
    3. Magnetophone / You Should Write Music / Earworm
    4. Wisdom Of Harry / Boxed / Matador
    5. Wire / Lowdown / Pink Flag
    6. Silo / K2 / Swim
    7. Malka Spigel / One / Swim
    8. Junkboy / If You Lived Here You`d Be Home By Now / Enraptured
    9. Colin Newman / Time Will Allow / Swim
    10. Wire / Crazy About Love / Pink Flag
    11. Emiliana Torrini / Unemployed In Summer / One Little Indian
    12. Wire / 12 XU / Pink Flag
    I stand corrected. I do recall listening to that show and thanks to themuseumcat for the full details.

    I still think the 2001 version of Crazy About Love would be a fantastic b-side on the hypothetical 12" EP of Love Bends (not least because it is a remake of a track from the same post-154 era albeit 12 years previous). Room for a couple more tracks too if anyone wants to suggest some?