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    I have a copy of "Coatings" now, and there is a round piece of paper telling me where to send my money if I wanted the bonus disc.

    Is that address and price legitimate anymore?

    And is the second disc of "Coatings" worth owning?
    I very much doubt the address is operational anymore as WMO have ceased trading. As for whether it's worth owning, well it's not something I've played all that often, it's Ok but nothing special and you'd probably describe it as a bit of it's time.
    WMO is basically over, though you may want to contact user Kevin [Eden], who you can find very easily on these boards. He was behind WMO and the Everybody Loves A History book. Last I knew he still had some items from WMO's glory days, but best to ask him directly.

    As for whether it's worth it, there was some discussion about it here:

    and having finally found a copy, I'll say that I'm glad I did because I've got a nasty completist bug when it comes to Wire, but the content?

    Interesting. Not thrilling, but interesting. I wouldn't pay premium collector prices for a used copy, but with some patience and vigilance you can come up with a copy at the usual online vendors. I think I paid $30 for a complete 2-disc set.
    Hello and yes please email me direct.

    The 2nd disc was a limited edition mail order only and as has been said that's now all sold out and defunct.

    Am happy to burn a CDR for anyone interested. Please email me at wmouk(at)