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    Split off to release the Bootleg 2 thread from various gripes and get that one back to content.

    In reponse to ianmacd, I'd strongly consider waiting for a weekday at the very least so you stand a chance of getting some help if you need it. It doesn't appear that Greedbag has anyone on call or checking communications on weekends.
    Resolved. After a phone call and a chat with Chris at State51 the network people succeeded in unlocking my order from data hell.

    It seems a few things went wrong around Greedbag this weekend, and though I was disappointed to not receive a reply to the service request that I filed on Friday and had to call instead, they were able to get the order through and the downloading begins shortly.

    So if you're having troubles, you might want to just call them.
    As all seems to have gone quiet, I thought that I would throw my hat in the ring.
    Having been away, I accessed my Greedbag Account a couple of weeks ago with some trepidation. Guess what ? Everything was there as it should be & was downloaded by me with ease.
    I appreciate that some people have had significent problems, but from my end, both series 1 & 2 have so far, gone painlessly.
    It was a nice touch to have an updated "Jeanetta Cochrane"; a concert I meant to go, to but missed!
    How many of you had to re-purchase the JC show in order to get the new version? My impression is that it appeared for anyone who already had the show in their downloads section and the recent update from the Wire . My correspondence with State51 seems to indicate that it is literally impossible for them to do that.
    At the risk of changing my luck, I'll note that I've purchased and downloaded everything available so far with no problems.
    OT - Just to warn also of Sandbag mail order, I'm still waiting the recently (?) released Nick Cave CD, be very wary of this company.
    "How many of you had to re-purchase the JC show in order to get the new version?"

    I was not asked to initiate any new transactions with Greedbag to straighten out the problems I was having.

    There were some strange emails and weird apparitions in my downloads page before everything (being Bootleg Series 1 + new JC) righted itself, and I was able to download new JC from my account last Wednesday (Feb 20).

    My big troubles came when I tried to order Boots2 on Friday, but again - I ordered the second series after I downloaded JC.
    "OT - Just to warn also of Sandbag mail order, I'm still waiting the recently (?) released Nick Cave CD, be very wary of this company. "

    Similar situation regarding the new Keaton Henson CD with Sandbag. Postie just been and gone; WAAAAY off topic but I pulled the postie up to ask if any sign, and it turned out he was the brother of a guy I did some recording with some years ago.
    We are really sorry some of you have experienced some issues with your subscription downloads and with your upgraded version of the Jeanetta Cochrane show. We know we made some errors with this promotion, and then unfortunately these were hard to rectify quickly.

    We have done so now we hope, but if any of you are still experiencing any difficulties or need our help with your orders, please do let us know on or give us a call on 020 77294343 and we'd be more than happy to help.

    catherine @ statet51
    on behalf of Greedbag
    I just wanted to add that my dealings with Greedbag have been very positive. I've just had to change my email address and a very helpful chap called Chris sorted me out. Also when I ordered the bootleg series 1 the DVD was missing, they not only sorted this out straightaway, they also sent me a free copy of Strays.

    "a very helpful chap called Chris sorted me out"


    Chris was a very big help when my Boots 2 order went kerflooey.
    So much for my glowing review of Greedbag's willingness to help.

    No CBU download, no response to email, no willingness to take my direct call from the US: "too busy".
    Hello. I wrote an extensive 'review' of Greedbag under the Legal Bootleg thread complaining about their latest screw up and also regarding my overall 50/50 success rate with them over the years. Since then, I have seen numerous comments (both positive and negative) with regards to Greedbag. Complaints should be rare, isolated incidents and not an ongoing common problem.

    I have an internet friend who was kind enough to Dropbox the latest batch to me and didn't feel guilty about it because I already paid for it. Greedbag eventually set it right, but this is no way to run a download service. Considering this is an ongoing problem dating back many years, hopefully Wire will consider using another service to deliver their music if there is a third series of legal bootlegs.
    If Wire want me to ever spend another dime to buy directly from them again they had better come up with an alternate solution to Greedbag otherwise the CBU bundle will be the last purchase I ever make.

    Download services should be as simple and unencumbered as possible because it's awfully easy to steal music these days. Don't make it a headache for the people who doing things legally.