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    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, so apologies if it has...

    "Finally, in announcing its forthcoming album Change Becomes Us, which is due out March 26, Wire revealed that release of the vinyl edition will be delayed a month “because we want to put out a special version for Record Store Day.” It’s not known yet what that release will entail."
    Heard it's a double vinyl, gatefold sleeve as well..
    Not excited to hear that. Record Store Day was an event that started off with good intentions but has now turned into a shit-show. Exclusive releases are bought up by greedy record flippers who in turn sell the items for highly inflated prices driving money away from the Record Stores. Many shop owners hate the event but feel pressure to participate.
    As mentioned elsewhere on here - Wire are playing Sister Ray in Berwick St on Record Store Day too
    Re Record Store Day - in 2011 there was a special Record store day 12" for Joy Division/New order. 800 copies pressed. I queued up for three hours and bought the last one. Various people just grabbing any limited record they could find - obviously selling it on as soon as they got back. There was a conservative estimate - that around 60% of the JD/NO 12 inches released were advertised on ebay.
    There's a Factory one with Joy Division on again this year.
    I go every year & it is getting worse. I was third in the queue last year & bought what I was after. Could have bought some real rare stuff & made a good profit on it. But its not my way. I was happy to queue from 6am and only get what I came for. Had many hours of happy playing.
    It is really rotten to see most of the stuff on E-Bay within hours of it been sold.
    I like Record Store Day in so far as it's a good media jamboree to remind folk that record shops still exist, sell some product and get tills ringing.
    I can see that as a punter it can be a frustrating experience and the people who buy stuff purely to sell on are greedy killjoys but I'm not sure what they can do about that.

    Personally I'm not one for queuing, or early mornings, but I've often you can still pick up some goodies later in the day or even in the week after. So unless you're after one of the uber collectable items you might still get lucky.
    Hard to judge how fast the Wire LP will fly off the shelves though, depends if it takes the fancy of Mr Ebay Bloke
    Having been enjoying the digital version of the new album over the last couple of days I will seek out the vinyl version on RSD. I still love getting vinyl copies of all Wire stuff. I was thinking Wire may have missed a trick with RSD this year however. I personally would have been keener on a 4 track 7" vinyl ep being released containing 1 track off of CBU plus 3 more never before released tracks such as Up from Above, Harry Houdini and Because. This would have appealed to long term fans, such as myself, and also as a taster for the casual/new Wire listener.

    Anyone else agree?

    Have I missed any unreleased gems?
    I have been at Sister Ray the past few years for Record Store Day and enjoyed the event. I can't argue that the vultures who swoop just to plunder and sell on ebay spoil the day and no doubt put people off bothering, but when I've been I've come away with the vast majority of what I had in mind to buy. The ultra collectable stuff will go, for sure, but in my experience plenty of items still remain available even after the day. The sad truth is so few people are buying physical product now. Anyway, sounds like this year's one at Sister Ray will be the biggest yet as Berwick Street will be closed off on the day, apparently, with a stage where the likes of Wire will be playing - not in the shop itself (which anyone who knows the size of place wouldn't be surprised at, hehe...)
    Does anyone know if the CBU vinyl RSD release is going to be UK only or is it a worldwide release? Record Store Day is a zoo at the Haight Street Amoeba in San Francisco. A 45 minute queue just to get your stuff rung up (though in that winding queue people set aside stuff that "doesn't make the cut" so sometimes you find some gems...)
    According to the RSD site it will be released in the USA as an exclusive RSD only, then will be released to other retailers at a later date. The UK has its own RSD site.

    Booked my trip to Utrecht for the record show 10 weeks ago, long before any of this came up.

    Guess who's flying back through London to the US on April 20th with no time to pop over to Sister Ray, and seriously heavy penalty charges if I try to change my flight now...


    (yes, I knew I was flying on RSD, but previously did not care since I'd be coming home from the biggest record show in the world...)