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    Im gona be in the Orchestra am i not ?.......

    Im not naturally a betting man, however i went for the T-shirt/CD/Book bundle, purchased a Heaven ticket and booked the coach for the 3 hour journey. I actually went for 50 of the bundles to statistically up my chances of getting in the Orchestra ;-) !

    OK..OK..OK, i had to sell the car and get another paper round but Hey Ho, i parted with my dosh, it's gona be well worth it when i'm all illuminated and thrashing a bit of a drill out at the weekend, ive even had me hair cut and polished me shoes, i'm all tidy.

    Ive got my 50 T shirts,they came in the post weeks ago,i even had to purchace a new cupboard to fit them all in. Looking on the bright side however, ive now got a Tshirt for every week of the year, excepting Christmas and Easter weeks, job done ! I'll not wear a Tshirt on gig night, to be fair ive always thought it a bit naff to wear the band Tshirt at a gig.

    I'm not tooooo bothered about waiting for the 50 books to arrive, although i am looking forward to seeing my postmans face, staggering up the driveway with a load of Wire books

    CD's though ?, different thing eh ?, would have been sooooo very,very nice to have had a listen by now and ive got a sort of sinking feeling that the CD is gona be on sale on the night and folk are in front of me with an available download. Yeh..Yeh..Yeh.. , i know, the 50 bundles were a bit of a "punt" , but youve got to be in it... to win it (x50) ;-)

    Im gona be in the Orchestra am i not ?.......

    Horatio ( fan does pop )
    if you are, give us a wave!!!!
    My 9 year old daughter joined the Ealing Youth Orchestra on Thursday so can she join the PF Orchestra. She's never even attempted to play guitar but is quite proficient on the flute, recorder and piano. The crowd won't worry her as she's played at the Royal Festival Hall in front of 2,900 punters when she was aged 8. She won't even look at the rider unless theres some crisps and cream soda.
    Didnt win. Hey Ho. Enjoyed the H gig, 200 mile round trip worth the effort.

    Any news or update please, on when I might receive the new album ?. I'd ordered a TShirt/book/cd bundle thing... yonks ago.

    Garage band posted this on the Wire:Change Becomes Us (pf20) thread.

    "I emailed State51/Greedbag re CBU & R+B bundles & they say they're getting books in this thursday & will ship bundles asap! Fingers x'd!"

    So hopefully soon after April 4th.
    Thanks TMC.

    Much Appreciated.