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    It's been quite a day. It doesn't take many snowflakes to cause the UK to grind to a halt but fortunately thanks to Richard Branson I arrived in London just in time to catch most of Graham Duff's q&a with Wire at Cafe Oto. Robert Grey was having travel woes too...apparently was snowed in at the farm and tonight might not have happened were it not for a snowplough...

    Last time I saw a QnA with Wire at Futuresonic in Manchester it was chaired by John Robb who seemed to only want to talk about Pink Flag and Punk Rock. Graham Duff instead interviewed Colin, Graham and Matt and got a much more interesting conversation going and seemed to put the band at their ease and talked a lot about the new LP, where Wire are now rather than raking over the past. Weirdly the Cafe still had regular punters in who carried on their bohemian chit chat, oblivious to the hugely influential post punk combo in their midst..and the people trying to listen to what they were saying.

    On to the Lexington, I wasn't sure if Wire would perhaps play a taster of the CBU set. As they arrived on stage and launched into an extended Boiling Boy it became clear this wasn't going to be a try out for the Heaven show but instead we were treated to a unique set of unadulterated, pure liquid Wire. A drop of the hard stuff! Wire made use of being the support act for once to give us a short, sharp set that compressed all the power of a full show into 7 songs. Nothing from the new LP but three from 'Send'! A blistering set, raptourously received and Wire seemed hugely energised and match fit!
    Wire played:

    Boiling Boy, Comet, Spent, Drill, Another The Letter, Two People in a Room, I Don't Understand.

    I stayed for Toy so others who headed off to Cafe Oto for the second Drill of the evening will hopefully post eyewitness reports but suffice to say I think Toy clearly rose to the challenge Wire had laid down and cranked their psychedelic Krautrock riffage up to 11 and tore the roof off the Lexington with loads of heads down, no nonsense mindless boogie.
    At the ripe old ge of 46 Saturday was the most frenetic gig day of my life. Started at the interview - popped back home for a bite to eat then saw Wire's excellent half hour Lexington set. Dashed off up the road to the Water Rats in the hope of seeing Section 25 - things were running late so saw a superb set from Blindness. Hotfooted it to Cafe Oto - after a delayed start Wire crammed in with Teeth Of The Sea - Matt was playing in the audience as the stage was so small! Fifteen minutes of cacophonic bliss! Looked at our watches - rushed back to the Water Rats to catch Section 25 encoring!

    See ya tonight!
    I stayed for TOY and was blown away.Looking forward to seeing them again.Though they need a barber!!!
    The guitarist was the spit of Nigel Tufnel, and yes none of Toy are on first name terms with their barbers but that hair is deployed well in the spirit of say Motörhead or Can rather than Bon Jovi.
    For those who were unable to get to Cafe Oto for the Q&A..
    Looked on the soundcloud link - the hatwearer in the foreground is me!