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    I'm sure most of you guys know about this, but I've never heard it. erm, interesting!
    Not one of George's best moments lol
    Good grief. Something tells me the band won't be doing a follow-up to Change Becomes Us with 1976 material. EDIT: I've now found the rest of it and much of it is ear-wrenchingly awful. And the guitar solos! Ha ha ha! Amazing to think of the transformation that happened between this point and Pink Flag. (Funnily enough, I've been reading Wilson's Pink Flag book this week, and so this demo's interesting from a contextual standpoint.)
    From my article at

    By the summer of 1976 the five members of Wire were rehearsing and writing material on a regular basis. Colin, with George, was the only one with any musical knowledge so was able to take the raw ideas and hone them into a structure before presenting them back to the group.

    In August 1976 Wire recorded a set of demos in Nick Garvey's basement studio in Stockwell. It's obvious from the recordings that the group was still trying to find a direction. They were raw, brash, ramshackle and abrasive. Shouting was the order of the day. Even a song like Feeling Called Love, which would appear on their first album, was overlain with George's histrionic guitar solos.

    Other songs recorded at this session were Prove Myself, Mary Is A Dyke, Bad Night At The Lion, Outside The Law, Gimme Your Love, Midnight Train, TV, I'm Lost, Johnny Brown, After Midnight, Bitch and Roadrunner.
    lol. Got that Bootleg LP on vinyl. might upload some of the other tracks to youtube for those who have not heard it all, when I get a free moment.
    " I've now found the rest of it and much of it is ear-wrenchingly awful."

    Agree with Craig's verdict on the LP. Not listened to it for ages. I think I know why.
    Yep. Shouting was the order of the day. Cringe making
    er , amazing news I see is that the Bears have reformed and are back gigging. sadly George is not involved , the only original member is one John Entrails (no , me neither). I saw a review of a gig where they supported the Members this July (who are now a 3 piece , one of the old guitarists is now the singer and Nicky Tesco is not involved). must have been some gig ;-)
    it is best to hear/view this in the context of the time, last night I listened again to a Mott the Hoople live album which was my prize 'posession' at the age of 14 (1975), and I was shocked to hear Ian Hunter referring to some females in the audience as "slags", times change, ideologies change, George, like the rest of us, was a product of his parentage, and if not for him with four others in a room would we have had the other four without him? Think of the impact of Stu Sutcliffe's death on The Beatles,groups form and fragment etc.
    Confusius him say "And growling lion grows from screeching kitten". Well, okay, he didn't say that, but he could have. Perhaps. In any case, the early demos of just about any band are usually unlistenable. It's good to see Wire were no exception. :-)