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    Solo ideas...

    Graham sings Bavarian drinking songs
    Colin and Malka sing Peter's & Lee
    Robert pays tribute to Luther Vandross and Barry White
    A serious suggestion for Colin to ignore!!

    I quite like IBTABA- although the band don't seem to according to Wilson's book!

    Given that the raison d'etre of that project was to take a real live recording, then (roughly speaking) strip everything out except drum and vocals, and re-invent and re-record the rest, I think it would be interesting to juxtapose the three elements as a series of triptychs;

    * the original live recording;
    * the stripped down starting point; and
    * the finished IBTABA track.

    A "fan-only" release no doubt!!
    ....just a thought! .....back in my box.
    Please, whatever Wire do next, don't let it be the dreaded "covers album". :)

    Incidentally, didn't they used to hurtle through "Roadrunner" back in The Roxy days?

    In a not-so-ideal world, I'd be interested to hear them re-attempt Manscape (all of it). Song-wise it's not without merit, but I've always found the production to be ghastly, & it's dated terribly.
    Second thought: how about, rather than the standard, rather tired "remix album" project, Wire get various producers to remix them, & then "cover" the resulting remixes themselves, in the current 4-piece band configuration?
    Since I'm a staunch Wire-observer and not actually in Wire, for the next album I say.......come from the inside out -- ie, remain Wire and source the ever-changing self rather than external ideas or concepts. How faithful to say!

    However! I would like to see another self-cover album of the 80's material or later. Change Becomes Us came third after IBTABA & Drill, not counting Sherwood Forest.
    How about Wire do C&W classics. They could have Mike Watt as guest singer. Meeeooow!
    I'd like to see 4 new Read and Burn ep's released over a twelve month period, rather than an album next time.

    Each member to write all the songs on their own EP, an extension of the format of the free 4 track single issued with the original 154 album.
    I like the quick ep idea. The idea of recording and releasing quickly, with each ep working on its own unique theme. One of the things that still impresses about the Harvest era is how much material they developed and how quickly it was done. Trying to challenge themselves by working quickly might produce some neat results.
    I also approve of the idea of releasing a series of EPs, but perhaps using different producers. I would also like to see a revisit to the Send era sound, and would love to see Wire return to brevity and economy.
    Wire have come and gone in 3's and 4's, so let's hope that the next won't be the last.

    I personally would also love to see the Mute items get a reissue. Maybe a Steven Wilson 5.1 remix for sh*ts and giggles.
    It's funny to read the first comment on this thread now:

    "Also just for fun, some suggestions of what they definitely shouldn't do:

    1. Covers album
    2. Eponymous LP
    3. Eno Collaboration
    4. Acoustic 'Wire Unplugged'' album."
    Yep: #2 done. And since Colin does write a lot of the songs on his acoustic guitar, someone just needs to sneakily record and release those demos to sort #4.
    #4 was shortlisted early on for one of the WMO releases, It was strongly vetoed by more than one party. Don't ask. I will not tell.
    But you didn't say don't speculate …

    If the answer doesn't include Bruce and Graham at a minimum, I'll eat any number of hats.
    "If the answer doesn't include Bruce and Graham at a minimum, I'll eat any number of hats."

    hahaha, I think your hats can be safely kept locked away