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    Simple concept: What Wire song do you consider to be the most over rated and what Wire song do you consider to be the most under rated? I'll go first

    Over rated: Boiling Boy

    I'm probably in the minority on this one but my preferred version of this song is the album version. I do like the live version but in general I think this track is over played in the live set and they've really explored all of the possibilities with this tune. I'd like to see it swapped with some other 80's era tune.

    Under rated: Indirect Enquiries

    I've always really loved this song and how unbelievably tense it gets. Hearing the live version of this tune from that Bradford gig was one of the biggest revelations from the fist legal bootleg series. It was a surprisingly great set opener.
    I know what you mean about Boiling Boy. I've seen Wire 14 times and on my way to Wire:Drill I was thinking this might be the first Wire gig in ages where I don't hear it. Sure enough, they opened with it at The Lexington!
    I never tire of hearing those other 'fixtures' Pink Flag and Drill, but Boiling Boy does wear a bit thin because there isn't much room for variation in the tune whereas every Drill and Pink Flag is different.

    I'd love to hear what that CBU version of Wire could do with some 80s Wire corkers. How about In Vivo, Ambitious, Finest Drops and Eardrum Buzz . And I'd love to hear Our Swimmer played, and maybe that's my 'under-rated' Wire track.
    Not sure I'd declare Wire as having an overrated song, simply because they've never really transcended the status of cult band. But if we're talking about songs that it seems non-fans know, it's 12XU. And while it's a fun bit of condensed aggression, it's not one that I need to hear that often.

    For underrated, I'll echo Our Swimmer and throw in Question of Degree, which captures well the angular post-punk sound, a pop song that still maintains enough weirdness to be Wire. It might be my go-to 70s Wire tune when trying to expose others to the band.
    Most 'overrated' song for me would have to be I am the Fly. Not sure why but never taken to this song.

    My favourite untrendy song is A Public Place. Not a song that stood out on first listen to A Bell is a Cup 25 years ago but has grown on me considerably over the years. Love the version on IBTABA too. Probably my favourite 'text' on any Wire song and would love to hear Wire 2013 tackle it live again.
    Underplayed 'A Touching Display' overplayed 'Drill'
    Overrated or overplayed? This is getting confusing! At the time, I loved Kidney Bingos, but now it does grate just a little. I prefer the early 'sinister' live versions.

    Definitely agree with Question of Degree and Our Swimmer for underrated. Throw in Midnight Bahnhof Cafe too - it's got such a strong feeling and makes a powerful single with 'Swimmer'. I'm also very fond of Options R - a perfect love song!
    There's very little Wire stuff I don't like but I've never really been enamored with the title track from RBT- just not into the guitar strumming on this song though I don't mind the noisy live version.

    Underated would be pretty much everything after the first three records with the exception of RBT which got almost universally rave reviews. Personally I've always loved Feed Me and the a-cappella singing on Vivid Riot of Red. Also having read D & E being described as "unlistenable", albeit indirectly by a *reviewer*, gave me one of those WTF moments. I've always had a soft spot for Dadaist pop.
    My under-rated song is So And Slow It Grows. To paraphrase the track I find it captivating.Try playing it in the car as you drive home from work late at night as I regularly do. The songs in which Colin and Graham share vocal duties are always a winner in my book, for some curious reason!

    As for over-rated I'll also plump for I Am The Fly. It makes me think of an itch that can't be scratched. But maybe that was the intention!
    I don't know what mine are but I've got to put a good word in for Boiling Boy because I'd hate any of the boys to be reading this and think that we're all fed up of it! It's still one of my fave Wire numbers...
    "My under-rated song is So And Slow It Grows."

    I'd love to see that in the live set at some point, but with Rob drumming. In fact, in 'infinite money' world, I'd happily get Rob to redo the drums on A Bell is a Cup and weave some rhythmic magic on most of The First Letter.
    Underrated: Pieta

    not that folks don't seem to like it, just that it rarely comes up in conversation in the first place!

    Overrated: Eardrum Buzz

    I think what I mean by that is: over here in the US Wire only surfaced for major swaths of my generation via MTV's 120 Minutes, which played the In Vivo and Eardrum Buzz clips a number of times. People don't remember the In Vivo video quite as much, but mention that guy with all the ears on his shirt, and guaranteed I'll get "oh. really? that's Wire? that band you, um, really like a lot? oh. I see..."

    So maybe that's overexposed, not overrated...
    Trying to open up some new angles:

    Over-rated: "Torch it!" - It's a bravura vocal performance but the music does not fit on "Manscape".

    Under-rated: "Whats (sic) Your Desire?" from "The Drill" is true genius at work.
    Over-rated: 'You Hung Your Lights In The Trees/A Craftsman's Touch' - sorry, as I'm aware it's well liked, but have to this day simply never 'gotten it'.

    Under-rated: 'Follow The Locust' - a particular favourite of mine, particularly the text, and there is a particular melancholoy to the synth solo midway that appeals.

    Must say that I could never hear 'Boiling Boy' too many times, it's one of my favourites - but I hear what is being said about it being over familiar from live sets...
    Spot on, sir. Follow The Locust is a very under-rated piece. Bell is a Cup.. was my introduction to Wire, so most of those tracks (despite the dubious production values) still stand up after a quarter of a century,
    I love some of Wire's noisier tracks such as "Germ Ship" and "Stealth of a Stork" and some of the pop moments such as "Fragile" and "Silk Skin Paws". However, if there is a song that to me defines Wire it is "Practice Makes Perfect". I would rather hear a 2013 version of this or "Advantage in Height" than "Drill", "Pink Flag" and "Boiling Boy", all of which need a rest.
    The tracks that I avoid are "Ear drum buzz", "Dot Dash"; songs which are a tad annoying, though whether they are over-rated, I am not so sure.
    In summary, the great tracks outnumber the underwhelming; such is Wire.
    Underrated: Pieta, Adapt, The First Last Number, Stillbird.

    Overrated: Eardrum Buzz, The Finest Drops.

    I agree with Stevie P - the great tracks outnumber the underwhelming, but.....

    My standout Wire track - and for me the track that is quintessentially Wire - is Map Ref.