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    Don't miss the April UK tour. Stand still to dance. Who needs tuning or rehearsal for that matter.
    They also do a nice line in CD and Book which arrived pronto with a thank you note from David Thomas.....
    A Stranger.
    Got Tixs to see them in Glasgow at MONO. Which is a great venue as it trebles as a BAR/RECORD STORE/VENUE.
    Saw Dave Thomas a couple of years ago & he was immense. Took time after show to spend about an hour talking
    about everything from Pere Ubu to the weather. lol.
    Dave Thomas is doing a personal appearance at the Music Exchange Record shop in Nottingham on RSD 20/04/13, ahead of the Pere Ubu gig later that evening at The Rescue Rooms. Should be interesting!
    Am seeing them in Nottingham on Saturday night, can't wait! The last time I saw Ubu live was 6-7 years ago, & they were terrific then, whoever was handling the synths at that juncture was astonishingly good!

    Personally, I'll be skipping Mr. Thomas' afternoon appearance at The Music Exchange - it's a v. nice shop, but some of the hipster contingent it attracts are a touch stomach-turning, & I expect they'll be out in force as it's a free event? :(
    Going tonight in Glasgow for the gig. Looking forward to it.
    Enjoy it. I'm off to Nottingham too.
    You will Enjoy Nottingham if Glasgow last night is anything to go by. Dave was actually selling his own wares in the merchandising stall before and after gig. He drank a few bottles of beer & a full bottle of red wine on stage!!! lol.
    A reliable friend of mine caught them at the Sage the other night and said they were superb
    Excellent in Nottingham. Good set from all periods of Ubu.
    I was at Nottingham; were you the chap wearing a "Wire Wire Wire" t-shirt?
    I thought that Pere Ubu were fantastic, though I was concerned for David as he drank steadily during the performance. During the encore his bonhomie evaporated when he missed his cue, he shouted at the band, repremanded himself and then wandered off during the encore...
    My son is dipping his toe into Wire, Ubu etc, which is great: the only problem is that I have to listen to his Danish punk and drone music in return.
    May have been! I certainly have a shirt like that, but no memory of what I was wearing....
    David certainly got grumpy - his poor health may be the problem ( he had a cardiac arrest a year or so ago). He left early to set up the merch stall, other than the sound man they have no crew and set up the gear themselves etc etc...