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    Starting to read the new book, I was reminded that Robert is not only a drummer but also
    a farmer.

    Does anyone know where he farms and what he produces please?

    I would love to be able to buy some of his produce, assuming of course that he sells it to the general public.

    Thanks for any help.
    Roberts farm in near Leicester and I believe its mostly cattle.
    Thanks Kevin. I thought it was that area (I'm there too). Does he have a farm shop?
    Not that I know of.
    That's a pity, but thanks all the same.
    Hi Osimabu. I'm in Leicester too...I was on my lunchbreak a few months back and spotted Robert Grey cycling through the centre of town on a folding bike. I guess he wasn't en route to his farm shop though!
    "I would love to be able to buy some of his produce"

    You won't be saying that when you see the Royal Mail postage rates on a "standard-sized cow" on the all-new Robert Grey 'Feedbag' store.
    What an intriguing concept!
    I ordered the Feedbag bundle with the Standard Rump Steak, the beef prime cuts (provided monthly) and the Special Edition Sirloin available later on in the year. To buy all of those you have to pick the bundle that also includes the tripe but I can live with that.
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    Oh no, what have I started here...? What a splendid collection of amusing comments though, thanks folks.

    I seem to remember from Kevin's book he was from Marefield which is out Tilton on the Hill way, not too far from me.
    Part of the farm is taken up with an apiary. Last time I visited I bought 40 Versions of his Madmans Honey and Spent all my Hard Currency.
    On a more serious note the last time I met up with Rob Mrs K tried to persuade him to branch out into ostrich farming.
    I think it fell on deaf ears. Rob has very clear ideas about his farm.
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    "No Cows On The Ice"

    A WIR song, so no Robert!! Perhaps this a comment on the frosty Wire mileau at the time:

    NO COWS on the ice

    A serious of steaks