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    I only picked it up on Saturday and I'm on the last 20 pages. Loved it and have recommended it to loads of friends. I think the Foreword is atrocious though.
    I'm currently re-reading passages from Wilson Neate's Read and Burn.
    I'd forgotten how painful the process was for Bruce Gilbert to relearn all the songs from Pink Flag for the flag:burning performance at the Barbican in 2003.
    I attended that show - one of those great nights for a Wire fan, despite the Chapman Brothers' attempts to subvert it with their 'visual aid' - but 12 years on the book illuminates BCG's anxiety on the night. If it's any consolation it didn't show!
    I remember his guitar strap breaking almost immediately in the second half, which mustn't have been much fun.
    Bruce's quote to me after the gig was: 'A hellish night. Never again.'
    I guess that in part explains why the Pink Flag tab project never materialised.
    If you take Bruce's comment in the context of what Wilson writes about Wire vis-à-vis their then manager and the s**t that was going on, both business and personal wise, then the comment is even more dramatic.
    Craig, what was the Pink Flag tab project?
    There was at one point a vague plan to do a Pink Flag guitar tab book. A lot of the stuff online is inaccurate (including what Andrew and I collected together that's still on the archived Wireviews site), and so this would have been a definitive guide to playing PF.
    The bootleg circulating of the warm-up show before the Barbican reflects an infinitely better performance of that Pink Flag material.