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    Spooky! As Ian said I started a similar thread on IC re Hox.

    As I said there, It-ness just seems to get better with age. The two tracks I generally enjoy most are the rhythmically wobbly Extra Zero, or How High Is Is which is a great track in the Pump tradition, but it was Spring doing it for me the other week.
    By way of further coincidence, the latest edition of The Wire mag lists a film and sound installation by one Aura Satz running at the Hayward Gallery until May 26th about the communication process called frequency hopping invented by Heddy Lamarr with the composer George Antheil, also the subject of Icon of I Can from the Hox album.
    In the midst of the anniversary celebrations I had to say happy twentieth to Catch Supposes. If it were an LP I would have ruined twelve copies by now from excessive playing. To me it is not only one of those wonderful albums that I never get tired of (and in fact like just a little bit more each time), but I am constantly impressed by how well it not only survives vastly differing stereos/headphones/etc, but how those differences coax other textures and vibes out of the album that keep refreshing and renewing the experience.

    An incredible work.
    Solid Or Vanish is something of a pinnacle in the Lewis canon as far as I'm concerned.

    20 years!!!!?
    Catch Supposes has four tracks that for me are some of the very best things Lewis has worked on (1/3/4/6). It's been a long time since I heard It-Ness, but iTunes seems to think I like Knot and Spring a lot. I finally got a copy of Duke of York for Christmas too (having previously listened to it on streaming), and that's a decent slice of music too. Frequency drove me nuts for a while though. (A vocal line in it is identical to the rather more uptempo Look Up by He Said that's in my iTunes library from somewhere. No idea what it was on originally.)
    Of the many albums from Wire members outside the group, Catch Supposes ranks as my favourite, just a touch above A-Z. I don't disagree a whit with what 7jlong says about the album.
    It-ness by Hox is one of my most played albums in recent years. I've got to say that I think it's one of the best Wire related albums.

    Link to Craig's review...